Mobile Home Nene 3Bedroom

Eurodita is in the business of manufacturing & supplying value-for-money bespoke moving homes. You can trust the wholesale supplier for premium log structures & mobile home units


Often seen at popular camping sites, along countryside and mountainside locations, and beachside cabin rental zones, Eurodita Mobile Home Nene delivers great outdoor performance and aesthetics. Low on energy consumption and high on all-weather performance, the bespoke movable home assures healthy interior living climate by insulating occupants against heat/cold. The transportable log unit has a smart design that requires negligible care—making it the preferred choice for cabin sellers who demand easy-to-market portable homes.


  • Dynamic Use: Glulam mobile house is easy to drive-around and park amidst natural landscapes where full-strength residential development is not possible. It is increasingly visible at remote and offbeat locations, emerging as the favourite road trip log home preferred by RV enthusiasts
  • Smart Construction: Laminated temporary housing cabin is made using the best manufacturing practices. It is specifically designed to eradicate typical long-distance hauling or trailer park manoeuvring issues, fitted with pre fab cabin-making components that are highly durable
  • Custom Developed: The premade mobile cabin is constructed from the finest lumbers in Europe. Glulam mobile timber unit has a dynamic, easy to customize floor plan that includes customization-related specifications shared by the buyers


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Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 6960×16800 mm

Wall thickness: 90 mm

Wall height: 2210 mm

Roof pitch (degree + Total cottage altitude):13 deg.+2975 mm

Roof thickness:20+100+20 mm, prepared for insulation

Floor thickness:20+100+28 mm, prepared for insulation

Rafters dimensions and quantity:70 x 200 mm, 7 units

Front extension of the canopy:300 mm

The area of a roof: 134.8 mt. sq.

Windows and doors quality Glulam timber with double-glazed units

Windows and doors dimensions and quantity: 1200×1200(x3), 600×600(x2), 960×2050, 600×1200(x4), 1600×2050, 860×2050(x6), 1200×2050 mm

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