Pitou Log house with double garage + Mezzanine, 120mm

Available log cabin wall thickness:
  • 120mm
  • Pitou Log house with double garage and Mezzanine wall thickness 120mm
  • Log cabin wall size: 14590x9690mm
  • Log cabin inside size: 13910x9010mm
  • Log garage wall size: 6110x6000mm
  • Log garage inside size: 5430x5320mm
  • Log cabin side wall height: 2600mm
  • Log cabin ridge height: 3893mm
  • Roof slope: 16°
  • Roof area: 156.3m2
  • Roof purlins: 9pcs 70x190mm
  • Roof boards: 20mm
  • Residential double glazed windows
  • Residential double glazed doors
  • Treated floor beams: 60x40mm
  • Floorboards: 28mm
Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee