Modern style log cabin Yurts

Available log cabin wall thickness:
  • 44mm

Dimensions (width x length)

 5495 x  6856 mm

Wall thickness

 44 mm

Wall height

 2295 mm

Roof slope (degrees + overall house height)

 6°,  2843 mm

Roof thickness

 20 mm

Floor thickness

 28 mm

Roof beam dimensions and quantity

 70 x  150 mm,  6 pcs

Front overhang

 200 mm

Roof area

 40.9 m2

Windows and doors quality

 Made in glulam with double glass

Windows and doors dimensions and quantity

 600×1500, 1400×600, 1410×1930(x2), 880×880, 800×1930, 1200×1930 mm


Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee

Eurodita Log Houses: The Leader a Smart Dealer Deserves

The genius of simplicity. Your customers will be amazed how easy – as if it was a lego – it is to assemble these beautiful houses. All the houses are constructed from premium quality Nordic timber. Every smart dealer will be happy to sell these at a price that makes all parties happy.

Key difference: Each house is designed and manufactured individually according to the ideas/drawings of the client. At our disposal, we have a strong team of architects that will take care of all the necessary calculations and permissions so that the house meets all the local standards and legal requirements.