Eurodita Log Cabin Model 0508 – Bespoke Timber Home | Wholesale Orders

Eurodita Log Cabin Model 0508 – Bespoke Timber Home | Wholesale Orders

Eurodita has been in the business of designing, manufacturing and supplying new timber solutions with value-for-money products. You can trust the wholesale supplier of log structures for custom-made log structures


The Log Cabin Model 0508 has been grabbing attention of timber log private label resellers for a long time with its exceptional outdoor performance and great aesthetics. Often seen at popular camping sites, along countryside and mountain side locations, and beachside cabin rental zones, these bespoke timber cabins deliver the money’s worth. Low on energy consumption and high on all-weather performance, the readymade wooden home assures healthy interior living climate by insulating occupants against heat/cold. The log house has a smart design that requires negligible care—making it the preferred choice for cabin sellers who demand easy-to-market products.


  • Custom-made Cabin: The pre-made spruce cabin utilizes a smart design that offers plenty of room for customization. Constructed from the finest lumbers in Europe, the log cabin unit has something for everyone—from wholesale dealers to campground property managers and the end users, i.e. vacationing families
  • Weather-Proof Units: The easy-to-customize log home has weatherproof construction. High on energy savings, it has more wall thickness than regular log homes found elsewhere. Use of premium lumber means exponentially more resistance to freezing temperatures and extreme heat
  • B2B Partners: With its Nordic spruce houses and other outdoor accommodation options, Eurodita offers finest log homes to retailers and dealers like you. Try our smart dealership program where you get expedited order processing and bigger profit margins


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Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6000x6000mm
  • Wall Thickness: 68mm
  • Wall Height: 2430mm
  • Roof Slope: 1 deg. , 2567mm
  • Roof thickness: 28mm
  • Floor thickness: 28mm
  • Roof beam dimensions: 70x280mm, 5 pcs
  • Front overhang: 200mm
  • Roof area: 39.0m2
  • Windows and doors quality: Made in Glulam with Double Glass
  • Windows and Doors Dimensions and Quantity: 710×1670(x5), 550×550(x2), 830×1930(x3), 1410×1930 mm
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