Eurodita Log Cabin Model 0214 – Nordic Timber Home, Glulam Windows and Doors

Eurodita Log Cabin Model 0214 - Nordic Timber Home, Glulam Windows and Doors

Based in Lithuania, Eurodita is a wholesale market supplier of log structures like camping cabins and vacation homes with a strong supply chain across the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the US


Log Cabin Model 0214 caters to all demands of adventure sports venues. Often bought by property developers at summer or winter camps, bespoke log cabin serves as the perfect housing-type facility. These log structures have well-insulated walls and open floor space—making them easy-to-market for wholesale timber unit retailers. These outdoor cabins are versatile and perfectly suited for the tough hunting season. There is room to pack these log homes with modern amenities for luxury glamping experiences—also preferred by green living camping retailers.


  • Built Tough: Property developers can set-up readymade timber homes almost anywhere—shepherding grounds, along the lake, or right on the coast. Primed to excel in all weather conditions, these lodging units are built using Siberian spruce and latest woodworking technology
  • Impressive Features: Easy to be outfitted for glamping & re-strengthened for the unforgiving outdoors, bespoke log cabins present a smart outdoor housing option. These cabin-like units have impressive features like low energy consumption and weather resistance, making them very relevant for camping cabin sellers!
  • Smart Floor Plan: The custom-made camping house renders more open and simple floor plan than conventional wooden cabins. It offers plenty of room for internal space customization. They are usually ordered in big numbers by private label sellers dealing in modern log homes


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Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 3960x10960mm
  • Wall thickness: 68mm
  • Wall height: 2295mm
  • Roof Slope (degrees+ overall height): 25 deg. , 3149mm
  • Roof thickness: 20mm
  • Floor thickness: 28mm
  • Roof beam dimensions and quantity: 70x280mm, 3pcs
  • Front Overhang: 200mm
  • Roof area: 51.9m2
  • Windows and Doors Quality: Made in Glulam with double glass
  • Windows and Doors Dimensions and Quantity:
  • 1310x1000mm, 710x600mm, 1310x600mm, 1410×1930(x2)mm, 701×1930(x2)mm, 830×1930(x2)mm
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It is very important to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle the modern times bring! We try our best – and we deliver. Our log products, from bespoke log cabins to garden furniture, are constantly evolving, accordingly to the latest innovations and our clients’ needs.