Eurodita Mezzanine Log Cabin Milano [6x4m] Readymade Log Structure

Eurodita Mezzanine Log Cabin Milano [6x4m] Readymade Log Structure

Eurodita is the leading log structure manufacturer-supplier with a global dealership network that caters to commercially managed campsites & outdoor housing industry


Cabin-rental companies handling accommodation booking at angling sites, skiing venues and professionally managed caravanning sites are among the most regular users of Eurodita Mezzanine Log Cabin Milano. Whether it is winter or summer camping, adventure or laidback vacation plans, pre-made wooden cabin stands-up to all outdoor accommodation expectations—making it the preferred choice of many winter cabin dealers. Using the best in log-house building practices, the timber lodge unit has been created with an emphasis on durability and eco-friendliness. It continues to be ordered in big numbers by European dealers.


  • Portable Units: Outdoor lodging dealers and holiday property developers prefer this portable log cabin units to meet the demands for accommodation in natural locations, hiking trails, wilderness locations, and national parks. These log structures double-up as a warehouse, garaging unit or seasonal vacation home when not hosting vacationers
  • Multiple Use: Glulam laminated log home can be used for setting up a workplace or hunting cabin—the range of options are endless and this makes our log home dealers happier. Sellers catering to log structure solutions for visitor centres or amenity blocks often order them with amazing regularity
  • Easy Modifications: The made-to-measure log home ensures campers have sufficient space at all times with sufficient floor and headroom. For businesses catering to commercial orders for cabin studios, cottage offices or outdoor living units, these log units are a safe, sensible option


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Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6x4m
  • Wall thickness 44mm or 68mm
  • Outside wall size:4160x6160mm
  • Inside size: 3864x5864mm
  • Sidewall height: 2160mm
  • Ridge height: 3537mm
  • Roof slope: 18 deg.
  • Roof area: 33.3 mt. sq.
  • Roof purlins: 6pcs; 70x140mm
  • Roof boards: 20mm
  • Floor beams: 60x40mm
  • Floorboards: 28mm
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We value our competitors because they encourage us to improve. However, Eurodita makes sure that our dealers wouldn’t have to worry the competition they might gain. Exclusive dealership problem not only gives the advantage of selling our products on the client’s label but also comes with the understanding that no one else will sell the same product in the area.