Eurodita Log Cabin Leixlip Tennis Club, Pre-Manufactured Log Structures for Sporting Activities

Eurodita Log Cabin Leixlip Tennis Club, Pre-Manufactured Log Structures for Sporting Activities

Eurodita is a wholesale supplier of affordable log structure like log cabins, sauna barrels and wooden play towers to dealers serving rental cabin marketplaces in the US  and Europe


Venue managers handling bookings for destination weddings and sports events often need easy-to-assemble outdoor units—a role that is perfect for Eurodita Log Cabin Leixlip Tennis Club with its well-insulated walls and open floor plan despite dimensions that are much larger than a regular log home. For sports log building dealers, this is one of the few log structures that meet the dimensions associated with a sports facility for tennis. Eurodita sports arena wooden building provides an enviable blend of all-around performance and affordability, ensuring log building retailers like you can easily upsell this product to price-conscious buyers. Expect more queries from managers of top-notch hotel chains and camping ground organizers if you add this log building to your inventory!


  • Weather Proofed: Timber log building retailers vouch for this unit as it performs admirably in freezing conditions, not leaking energy, helping to ensure the building’s carbon footprints are minimized
  • Big Capacity: This personalized wooden structure is design to accommodate many people giving them enough head and floor space. For glamping site managers, this means more features for a log structure that can be an ideal option for a wedding or a sports event
  • Robust Construction: Log home structure suppliers catering sports pavilions, community centres, and sporting arena amenity blocks often ask for thick-walled portable log units built on a larger scale. This pre-manufactured sports log unit has the structural integrity for such needs


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Technical Specifications:

  • Wall thickness: 68mm
  • Outside wall size: 25328x8205mm
  • Inside size: 25032x7909mm
  • Sidewall height: 2430mm
  • Ridge height: 3640mm
  • Roof slope: 17 deg.
  • Roof area: 239.3 mt. sq.
  • Roof purlins: 9pcs; 70x140mm
  • Roof boards: 28mm
  • Roof beam dimensions and quantity: 9x70x200mm
  • Floor beams: 60x40mm
  • Floorboards: 28mm
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We sell our log structures “unbranded”. We always remain a silent partner and the dealers get all the credit for the products. In this way, we prove that our purpose is not to show off but to build a genuine relationship between Eurodita and its partners.