Log cabin Leixlip tennis club

Available log cabin wall thickness:
  • 68mm
  • Leixlip tennis club wall thickness 68mm
  • Log cabin outside wall size:25328x8205mm
  • Log cabin inside size: 25032x7909mm
  • Log cabin side wall height: 2430mm
  • Log cabin ridge height: 3640mm
  • Roof slope: 17°
  • Roof area: 239.3m2
  • Roof purlins: 9pcs 70x140mm
  • Roof boards: 28mm
  • Residential double glazed windows
  • Residential double glazed doors
  • Treated floor beams: 60x40mm
  • Floorboards: 28mm
Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee

Log cabins advice

Let’s meet. We are „Eurodita“  – log cabins advice market their products and services offering for more than 20 years. Prefabricated log homes consistently more popular, we get more and more questions and inquiries from customers who want to order a new product but do not know what is the garden house, and how it can be used properly.

  1. Do I really need a folding log cabin?

The Garden House – prefabricated wooden building, made of high-quality wood. If you have a garden or plot, so you need a folding log cabin. It is your dwelling, shelter gazebo, garage and sauna.

  1. How to choose a garden house?

We offer several different thicknesses of garden houses. Help you select the right of our consultant, but you have to know where and how you use your house. However, if you are going to insulate it and live in it in the winter, it is better to choose thicker and more resistant to temperature changes option.

  1. How do I get a garden house?

Garden sheds are delivered to your home for free. Once you get to the site can choose „Eurodita“ log cabins the box and just ordered your purchase immediately. Throughout Lithuania deliver products free of charge, so after a few days, you will be able to enjoy the new garden lodge.

  1. How to install a garden house?

Innovative garden houses are unique and distinguished by the fact that this collection of residential houses, which is convenient and easy to install.  We add 3 D guide, which will easily and simply be assembled house. If you have any questions, log cabins advice always can help you!

„Eurodita“  log cabins are all you need if you are really thinking about house garden. We know how to make your garden beauty, good for work and warm in all of the years seasons. Trust our experience and professional workers.