Log cabin 7.5x5m

Available log cabin wall thickness:
  • 68mm
  • Log cabin 7.5x5m wall thickness 68mm
  • Log cabin wall size: 5000x7470mm
  • Log cabin inside size: 4704x7174mm
  • Log cabin side wall height: 2295mm
  • Log cabin ridge height: 2926mm
  • Roof slope: 10°
  • Roof purlins: 7pcs 70x140mm
  • Roof boards: 28mm
  • Residential double glazed windows: 2pcs 710×1910
  • Residential double glazed door: 2pcs 830x1930mm; 1pcs 1410x1930mm
  • Treated floor beams: 60x40mm
  • Floorboards: 28mm
Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee

Eurodita“  log cabins facing the changing weather

Often, people considering whether „Eurodita“ log cabins are a good solution, think about the fact that our country weather very changeable, so a small garden house cannot resist high temperatures change. In fact, technology is constantly moving forward and experts assure that garden sheds have long gone forward, so think about the weather changes quite unnecessary.

  • Summer. Of course, usually „Eurodita“  log cabins begin to interest customers in the summer and it’s the perfect time to try these prefabricated houses according to their needs. It`s no need to be carrying all the time, but some time for carrying your log cabins should be. Water is all you need in the simple wash for your small garden house
  • Autumn. When the weather is cold, sometimes considered caravans and prefabricated houses are not the best choice for the garden. However, if we mean the Lithuanian autumn „Eurodita“  log cabins really never have to feel uncomfortable. High-quality wood can easily withstand moisture and turn the electric heater glad cosy inside. 
  • Winter. If you are attracted by the opportunity to come into the garden and bake snowfield sausages and fall into the snow angel recording of events, keep the heat inside the house. It’s quite simple – you just have little-quilted walls and the roof. A small house project, improving the functionality of the next year is welcomed colder seasons.
  • Spring. Began to melt the snow, do not worry. Collected your wooden house is greatly increased resistance to moisture and water, and in the spring it is easy to endure. Just a little work and your log cabin will shine like newness, and you can continue to enjoy your purchase and get ready for a functional summer!