Made to measure Log Cabin Mezzanine

Eurodita is credited with creating the best log structures for outdoor camping needs, residential & commercial applications. Dealers trust us for residential quality cabin homes and supplying private label cabins


Eurodita Siberian Spruce Home is giving log cabin retailers the option to provide affordable outdoor accommodation options to vacationing families, solo travelers, and backpackers. For cabin rental companies, these log cabins are the ideal way to rent-out personalized wooden cabins. The log cabin is designed with the finest quality lumber, making it tough and durable. Expect the laminated timber cabin to meet residential quality standards. For property developers, these log homes are ideal as they can be easily customized in multiple sizes and designs.


  • Sturdy Design: This camping log cabin is built from the strongest timber. The windows and doors are double-glazed to protect the occupants from extreme weather conditions—a big reason why B2B cabin providers continue to order this log unit in big numbers
  • Custom Made: This bespoke laminated house provides the maximum room for customization to ensure cabin sellers like you can please your customers. Cabin users can employ the interiors as a party room, a den for family meetings, or for hosting an outfitters call-to-action meeting
  • Portable Camper: This compact seasonal camping home can be easily set-up across caravan sites and commercially managed camping grounds. Easy-to-assemble laminated log home comes with a smart floor plan to ensure more scope of personalization


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Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 4 x 5.2m
  • Mezzanine wall thickness: 68mm
  • Material: Nordic timber
  • Log cabin wall size: 5260x4060mm
  • Log cabin inside size: 4964x3764mm
  • Mezzanine inside size: 2100x3764mm
  • Log cabin sidewall height: 2430mm
  • Log cabin ridge height: 3516mm
  • Roof slope: 30 deg.
  • Roof area: 32 mt. sq
  • Roof purlins: 70x140mm (x5)
  • Roof boards: 20mm
  • Windows and Doors with double glazing residential quality
  • No finger joints
  • Treated floor beams: 60x40mm
  • Floorboards: 28mm
  • Windows size: 1000x100mm (x2); 800×1000 (x1); 600x600mm (x1)
  • Doors size: 830x2000mm; 830x1830mm (x2)
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