Log Cabin 4x12m Grand Clock house Aurora

Log cabin wall sizes:
  • 12000x4000mm
Available log cabin wall thickness:
  • 44mm
Log cabin wall height:
  • 2295mm
Log cabin ridge height:
  • 3377mm
Log cabin windows and doors:
  • Double glass


  • Roof slope: 30°
  • Roof area: 59.9m2
  • Roof purlins: 5pcs 70x190mm
  • Roof boards: 20mm
  • Residential double glazed windows:3pcs 710x1130mm
  • Residential double glazed door: 3pcs 1410x1930mm
  • Treated floor beams: 60x40mm
  • Floorboards: 28mm
Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee

Which of clock house log cabins is best for you?

Are you looking for something new and want to try the best technology of these days? „Eurodita“  log cabins offer contemporary thinking about the advantage of wooden houses. Are you wondering, what kind of garden houses is perfect for you? We have a lot of houses in different design and sizes. We also hope that every customer can find something for him in our e-shop.

„Eurodita“  offers to you access to our production and to decide for themselves which clock house wooden house you the most suitable and best able to fulfil your expectations.

  • Log Cabin. This option will suit those looking for a simple garden house. „Eurodita“   log cabins can offer small garden houses of high-quality wood, which does not take up a lot of space inside, but comfortably accommodate all accessories and a few garden chairs and a table.
  • Children’s Playhouse. Do you want your children to feel the same way as in the movie, and they have a place to play? Clock house log cabins can be an excellent choice. The installation of this house with the highest safety requirements, so your kids can play for days without worrying. All children are dreaming about the perfect place for them to play. That place could be a small garden house in your garden. And it could make your children wishes come true.
  • Wooden pergolas. Calm summer evening, I want to enjoy the company of the evening freshness, you need a high-quality wooden furniture which is not only long-lasting but also contains a considerable number of people.
  • Residential log house. Although the widespread belief that the house cannot be collected in a residential, experts have long refuted this myth. Functional high-end house clock log cabins meets all the highest standards. Here you will find not only the habitat but also a kitchen, storage room or even the garage.