2 Bedroom Granny Flat Dubai 9.5×6.5m

Timber Granny Flat 9.5×6.5m

Timber Granny Flat 9.5×6.5m wall size: 9520x6460mm

Timber Granny Flat 9.5×6.5m available in: 44mm;70mm wall thickness

Timber Granny Flat 9.5×6.5m available and in TWIN SKIN WALL 44-100-44mm

Timber Granny Flat 9.5×6.5m side wall height: 2430mm

Timber Granny Flat 9.5×6.5m ridge height: 3417mm

Roof beams: 9 x 70x190mm

Roof area: 66.9m2

Floorboards: 28mm

Roof boards: 20mm

Residential quality timber windows:

4 x 1310x1130mm

1 x 600x600mm

Residential quality timber doors:

1 x 1410x1930mm (100% glass)

3 x 830x1930mm (100% timber)



Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee

Some people oversimplify getting a garage. Yes, it is more or less a big wooden (or not) box with one hole big enough for a car to go into the box. That is as simple as that. However, there are many things to be considered when you get one of those. Do you want your car to be covered with occasional snow and rain, or do you actually want it to be fully safe and also warm and completely free from any other disadvantages cold temperature can bring, consider insulated log garages?

Insulated log garages are the top of the pack when it comes to wooden garages. The premium in the class, they are as easily constructed as it gets but with little bit of insulation it also gets many more purposes.

It is no longer a shed to store your car in. Take a bit bigger version, and with insulation provided, you can easily build it into your own workshop, which can be going strong all around the year. Fix your car, pump your tyres, construct something – do pretty much any kind of job that requires space, when it is just too cold outside, and the living room is just inappropriate. These insulated log garages can give you far more space and far more creativity.

Of course, the build quality of the garages sold here is second to none. Our experts have mastered the ways how you can easily build your own garage without any special training, and the reliability will be just like it’s been constructed and designed by a professional and tailored just for you. “Eurodita” log cabins and their products can give you just an amazing quality building.

We realize that a garage is not the most crucial thing ever. So we made sure that the prices of them would be friendly for most of the people, who just want a better option for themselves. Take a look at our offers and choose your future garage. This is probably the best option there is to find.