2 Bedroom Granny Flat Singapore 7.6×7.7m

Timber Granny Flat 7.6×7.7m

Timber Granny Flat 7.6×7.7m wall size: 7660x7760mm

Timber Granny Flat 7.6×7.7m available in: 44mm;70mm wall thickness

Timber Granny Flat 7.6×7.7m available and in TWIN SKIN WALL 44-100-44mm

Timber Granny Flat 7.6×7.7m side wall height: 2430mm

Timber Granny Flat 7.6×7.7m ridge height: 3424mm

Roof beams: 6 x 70x190mm

Roof area: 65.4m2

Floorboards: 28mm

Roof boards: 20mm

Residential quality timber windows:

4x 1310x1130mm

1 x 600x600mm

Residential quality timber doors:

1 x 1410x1930mm (100% glass)

3 x 830x1930mm (100% timber)



Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee

What is the first thought in most people heads when a phrase “log cabins” pops up? Very often, the answer is “summer house” and “garden house”. Some people still don’t take log houses seriously when it comes to living in them during winter. And for a good reason. The quality of some of those timber buildings is truly not great. Holes you can easily see through, damage done by nails, low-quality timber…These are just a few reasons why some people are put off to even think of a log cabin as a good solution for winter.

However, a lot of this criticism can’t easily be disproved by some good examples. We believe it is undeserved, and we want to tell you about how our insulated log houses can be an amazing option for you if you’re looking for your next house.

We use only the highest quality, Siberian timber. The very same Siberian countries use the exact same timber to build their own houses. When done right, they don’t only stay warm inside, they also look great. We trust the experience of those who have the knowledge, and we have learned a lot from the natural experts of log cabins – and using the very same materials was just a sensible thing to go. “Eurodita” log cabins are made by the experts, using the expert materials.

Secondly, you can wave goodbye to a huge bunch of nails and all the pain that comes together with trying to put them all in their places. Interlocking systems used in our insulated log houses assure that your log cabin will be ready to use in just a few days, and there will be no nail holes and rust. You will be easily able to build it all by yourself if you wish. And live in it for long years to come.

And lastly, it’s the price. The insulated log houses themselves are not expensive but thanks to the great insulation, maintaining them in winter months is also saving you money. It’s a great decision to live in one and if you want to make sure, look what designs and models we offer. No matter which one will catch your eye, be sure – they all have amazing quality.