1 Bedroom Granny Flat Jakarta 5.8×7.0m

Timber Granny Flat 5.8×7.0m

Timber Granny Flat 5.8×7.0m wall size: 5810x7010mm

Timber Granny Flat 5.8×7.0m available in: 44mm;70mm wall thickness

Timber Granny Flat 5.8×7.0m available and in TWIN SKIN WALL 44-100-44mm

Timber Granny Flat 5.8×7.0m side wall height: 2430mm

Timber Granny Flat 5.8×7.0m ridge height: 3442mm

Roof beams: 5 x 70x190mm

Roof area: 46.7m2

Floorboards: 28mm

Roof boards: 20mm

Residential quality timber windows:

2 x 710×1930

1 x 1310x1130mm

1 x 600x600mm

Residential quality timber doors:

1 x 1410x1930mm (100% glass)

3 x 830x1930mm (100% timber)

Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee

Sometimes timber houses are real, really underrated. And it‘s difficult to tell why. One of the most common theories is that after moving to cities with the building made mostly out of metal, bricks and other similar materials, we didn‘t want to move back. And old wooden houses left in the countryside were not getting any newer, and not taking care of them ended up with many of us thinking that timber houses are not reliable and not worth our time. However, a lot has changed in the past years, and whether you are looking for a simple wooden shed to store your belongings, or are you looking for timber houses to spend a lot of time in, we still believe we can offer you a great option. Wooden houses can offer comfort and quality for a great price. Global timber trade allows us to offer you the best quality for the best prices.

Interlocking systems used in those wooden houses almost completely gets rid of nails and other connection materials, who tend to rust and break when exposed to sun, wind or rain. They‘re easy to build all by yourself and it requires far less time and effort. This is surely a smart choice for everyone looking for a great garden house. The log cabins are surely reliable, and with an ever easier construction, building them can be absolutely simple. Use the advantages of global timber trade for your own good.

Secondly, it‘s all about the design. Timber houses, if taken care of, will look great after many years and the style does not get old. Look at our designs, and you can be sure that something that will catch your eye in the picture, will look just as great in reality. Now, and in many years after it. “Eurodita” log cabins exceptional quality and lasting style for a low price.


And lastly, it‘s the price. We use only the highest quality Siberian timer for our timber houses but these log cabins remain as inexpensive as they can be. And with fast and easy construction, reliability and style – it‘s a great deal for an amazing price you definitely can trust on. Rejoice on the advantages of the global timber trade.