Made to measure Log Cabin Educational Building

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These pre-made log structures are ergonomically designed to ensure they can be outfitted in any area, irrespective of the weather challenges. They assure healthy interior climate and insulate occupants against the heat and cold. It is for this reason log home builders selling educational institutions prefer Eurodita Made-to-Measure Buildings for quality accommodation. For similarly scaled needs, like hotel property homes, these custom-made log units are almost perfect, meeting the needs of both academic institutions and bigger, guest-hosting enterprises. Such log units also cater to businesses selling easy-to-assemble kits for setting-up temporary offices, workshops, gyms, or sauna rooms.


  • Smart Construction: As a highly recommended supplier of timber log structures, Eurodita incorporates the best manufacturing practices. It avoids using elements that can weaken the structure. The pre-manufactured school building units in particular have smart floor plans wherein three separate structures are comprehensively connected for more structural integrity
  • Nordic Timber: One big reason our custom-made wooden structures are increasingly bought by log building sellers is because of their overall toughness. The use of Siberian spruce underlines the focus on durability. The spruce is inherently resistant to freezing temperatures and boosts sturdiness of the log buildings
  • Custom Built: These ready made school buildings are designed according to the school building regulations. The walls of the structure can be customized, making these log buildings perfect for sports pavilion building dealers and commercial use log cabin dealers


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Technical Specifications:

  • Wall Thickness: 68mm
  • Schoolhouse connected from three separate structures
  • Inside and outside walls can be medicated by custom requests
  • Building designed and manufactured under all building control regulations
  • Custom designing and manufacturing for any Educational structure.
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Eurodita doesn’t only assure the security of the log houses for the adults but pays an extra attention to the log structures for the little ones. The children playgrounds are manufactured from the best Nordic spruce timber and are extremely durable. To assure the security of the children, extra measures have been taken in order to make the surfaces as smooth as possible.