Educational building

Available log cabin wall thickness:
  • 68mm
  • Education building made to measure
  • The Schoolhouse wall thickness 68mm
  • Schoolhouse connected from three separate structures
  • Inside and outside walls can be medicated by custom requests
  • Building designed and manufactured under all building control regulations
  • We accept custom requests for designing and manufacturing any Educational structure.
Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee

Small log cabins – a few years, started a new idea is not only to cottages but residence at the building, a sauna and a playground. „Eurodita“ log cabin company discovered a reliable and advanced technology to offer their products and try to be sure. Small Clock House log cabins can make your daily life a new, convenient way of life.

Our costumers like us because we always listen to our costumer’s vision. We want to find the best way to create our costumer’s dream houses in their gardens. Our fabricated log house will surprise you because:

– This is a unique, long-standing practice that has founded many foreign markets, and the type of wooden houses have been widely applied in various countries.

Clock House log cabins are easily collected because we will be sent for your package with all the ready-quality parts. Package includes not only written but also doors and mounted hoops. You do not have to worry about locks, handles, or new keys, all of which have to be ready for use.

– This house and decorate the garden plot and will not require any more additional preparation or decoration. Feel free to choose a design in your log cabin in the garden. It will look perfect with any design you love in your house.

– Do not worry about the change – „Eurodita“ log cabin can make sure the log cabins independent only during the summer period. Panorama of the winter, you can even stay in one of these houses, you have to insulate the walls and ceiling to reinforce everything else – for all seasons. Forget garden which is good just in summer, take our small garden houses.

„Eurodita“  Clock House log cabins environmentally friendly, so this purchase to contribute to nature conservation. And also it is friendly for people because you don`t find any dust in your wooden garden house. All women dream comes true with it.