Bespoke Log Cabin Maroon

Bespoke Log cabin „ Marron “

Dimensions (width x length) 5160 x 8160 mm

Wall thickness 70 mm

Wall height 2295 mm

Roof pitch (degree + Total cottage altitude) 15°, 2947 mm

Roof thickness 20 mm

Floor thickness 28 mm

Rafters dimensions and quantity 70 x 150 mm, 5 units

Front extension of the canopy 200 mm

The area of a roof 48.7 m2

The length of the terrace —

Windows and doors quality Gluelam timber with double-glazed units

Windows and doors dimensions and quantity 790×1790(x2), 600×600, 1410×1930(x2), 790×800,

900×1930(x2) mm

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Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
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Did you know that the largest log house in the world was built by 22 architects and is nearly 2,500 square meters? Now you do. Find out even more interesting information from Eurodita’s blog. We are excited to not only provide an excellent service for our dealers but also enlighten them with knowledge.