Eurodita 4 Bedroom Log Cabin [8000×14500 mm] Residential Quality Nordic Timber Home

Eurodita 4 Bedroom Log Cabin [8000x14500 mm] Residential Quality Nordic Timber Home

Eurodita is the leading manufacturer of log structure lodging units like Laminated Log House Units & Glamping Pods, collaborating with timber structure dealers across Europe and US


Well-furbished log homes are the top choice for lodge holidaying and at popular camp locations. Whether it is mountain lodging or the need for woodland cabins, Eurodita 4 Laminated Log Structure has been designed to meet all types of outdoor lodging needs. Strengthened for freezing and wet conditions, boasting of forfeited walls, and a liberating floor plan, this unit continues to be a big seller for resort log cabin retailers. Property managers have constantly expressed their happiness about using these made-to-measure traveler homes, fully assured that their guests will not complain! This laminated log home has been spotted in national reserves, parks, countryside, and in areas around waterways, lakeside, beachside, caravanning spots, and wilderness trails too.


  • Highly Spacious: This pre-made log home is rendered with a smartly designed floor plan and ensures occupants get 4 bedrooms to stock their camping supplies and still have lodging space to lounge and relax—making it very relevant for modern log home dealers
  • Custom Design: Eurodita Cabin structure gives camping cabin sellers the assurance of selling this item as a value-for-money product. Easy-to-market to venue planners and event organizers, the outdoor log unit blends the best of vintage and modern camping styles
  • Built Tough: Outdoor lodging managers can assure travelers a safe abode with this wooden camping cabin. The weather-proofed, laminated logs and the extra thick walls mean the occupants can relax even when it rains or snows


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Technical Specifications:

·       Dimensions: 8000x14500mm


·       Wall thickness: 90mm

·       Wall height: 2160mm


·       Roof slope degree and height: 13 deg. and 3045mm


·       Roof thickness: 20mm


·       Floor thickness: 28mm


·       Roof beam dimensions and quantity: 9x70x200mm


·       Front overhang: 200mm


·       Roof area: 121.6 mt. sq.

·       Laminated windows and doors: 1370×1030(x7), 740×1030(x2), 1600×1940, 850×1940(x5) mm


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Cabin kits are the modern solution to efficiently build a secure and comfortable home. Eurodita is one of the leading companies making sure this innovative approach is accessible for dealers and their customers all around the world.