4 Bedroom cabin Maxi space 10x12m

Available log cabin wall thickness:
  • 44mm

Dimensions (width x length)

 10000 x  12000 mm

Wall height

 2431 mm

Roof slope (degrees + overall house height)

 12°,  3469 mm

Roof thickness

 20 mm

Floor thickness

 28 mm

Roof beam dimensions and quantity

 70 x  200 mm,  9 pcs

Front overhang

 400 mm

Roof area

 137.5 m2

Terrace length


Windows and doors quality

 Made in gluelam with double glass

Windows and doors dimensions and quantity

 710×1260(x19), 900×2000(x10) mm


Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee

Everyone, who has built something from timber, has quite a bad relationship with nails. They bend when you did not hit them properly, you hit your fingers when you don‘t hit them properly at all. They rust and they break, and if you accidentally placed one of them in the wrong place, you‘re in trouble if you try to get it out. Surely, after all those years of practising and learning from the past, and witnessing the troubles and the pain, someone has to have a better way to get a log cabin, right? We surely have it. Easy to build log cabin is a great option that gets rid out of nails and still remains to be lightweight.

All the wooden houses you see here, are made with this system. It is not easy to build log cabins like this yourself. However, with our experts, who made this system possible for such great prices, that seems like a no-brainer. Our easy to build log cabins are cheap and durable under any weather.

And there are many choices of them, so no matter what you are looking for, you can always be sure you will get some great quality. Whether it is a simple garden shed you are looking for, or it is a big garden house that‘s on your mind, everything is made better when nails are substituted for insulation systems. The “Eurodita” log cabins are a great garden house choice.

And does this thing cost a lot? Absolutely not. Thanks to the years of experience and research, “Eurodita” log cabins are capable to offer you the best log cabins and garden buildings for great prices, and the interlocking systems come together with it. It is difficult to do it all on your own so we come to help. Look around all the easy to build log cabins we offer to this site and pick your future house you will absolutely love. Your future house that can be constructed easily and that will last you decades.