Eurodita 4 Bedroom Cabin Maxi Space [10x12m] Pre-Manufactured Bespoke Log Home

Eurodita 4 Bedroom Cabin Maxi Space [10x12m] Pre-Manufactured Bespoke Log Home

Eurodita is serving retailers, dealers and wholesalers spread across the different countries with supreme quality and smartly designed Glulam log structures, ideal for outdoor lodging


Vacationing and adventure sites or holidaying locales that want to recreate the countryside, often demand the Eurodita 4 Bedroom Cabin. For camping cabin dealers like you, this unit is also easy to market across commercially managed seasonal hunting grounds. Other applications of the Eurodita 4 Bedroom Cabin is any area, in wet, hot, humid or cold conditions, that needs easy and cheap outdoor lodging space. This Siberian Timber home is smartly constructed to outlast the worst weather. For managers grooming spa, country homes, or skiing venues, these are the ideal outfitted camping cabin units—the big reason why holiday timer lodge dealers order them in bulk!


  • Smartly Designed: Dealers and distributors prefer this log house as it can be themed like a glamping lodge, designed like a luxury cottage, or outfitted to host a big group—this vacation home can play nearly any role in the niche of outdoor housing units, at par with the best camping cabins out there
  • Smart Housing: This personalized wooden cabin has residential standard strength. Its smart floor plan and space design makes it a perfect option for a second home set up in trails around barns, farmhouses, creeks, and moors
  • Durable Design: Caravanning clubs and survival gaming groups often set-up this outdoor home structure that can withstand bad weather and perform with negligible care—the Eurodita maxi Space Cabin is perfect for such demands with its durable construction, thick walls, and insulation


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Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 10x12m
  • Wall height: 2431mm
  • Roof slope degree and height: 12 deg. and 3469mm
  • Roof thickness: 20mm
  • Floor thickness: 28mm
  • Roof beam dimensions and quantity: 9x70x200mm
  • Front overhang: 400mm
  • Roof area: 137.5 mt. sq.
  • Laminated windows and doors: 19x710x1260mm; 10x900x2000
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Customizing your environment to your needs is an essential part of creating a place called home. Eurodita not only presents a big variety of log structures but also builds log houses and standard cabins, according to the requirements of the client. Every log house is unique.