3 Bedroom Log cabin 0815

Dimensions (width x length)

 9480 x  14050 mm

Wall thickness

 68 mm

Wall height

 2564 mm

Roof slope (degrees + overall house height)

 11°,  3455 mm

Roof thickness

 28 mm

Floor thickness

 28 mm

Roof beam dimensions and quantity

 70 x  280 mm,  9 pcs

Front overhang

 300 mm

Roof area

 146.4 m2

Windows and doors quality

 Made in gluelam with double glass

Windows and doors dimensions and quantity

 1500×1200(x7), 1000×2100(x2), 900×1200(x2), 830×1930(x7) mm



Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee

Eurodita Log Houses: The Leader a Smart Dealer Deserves

The genius of simplicity. Your customers will be amazed how easy – as if it was a lego – it is to assemble these beautiful houses. All the houses are constructed from premium quality Nordic timber. Every smart dealer will be happy to sell these at a price that makes all parties happy.

Key difference: Each house is designed and manufactured individually according to the ideas/drawings of the client. At our disposal, we have a strong team of architects that will take care of all the necessary calculations and permissions so that the house meets all the local standards and legal requirements.

We aim to give you the best garden houses suited for even the most exquisite tastes. We are an innovative company selling garden sheds, residential log cabins, fencing options, garden furniture, gazebos, garden arbours and other timber products for businesses in many countries. We offer you the best wholesale timber product offers in the class – we take of every customer and make sure that each and every one of your deliveries reach you in time and without a fuss.

We want to keep the close relationship with each of the companies that have interest in our products. We offer bespoke log cabins in case you are looking for something special for your clients to offer – we have timber garages, wooden garden furniture and gazebos for sale as well – and much more, all can be made custom according to your needs. You give us your idea and we turn it into reality, build it out of the best quality materials and ship it to you. Trust Eurodita in your quest for quality that can be offered straight to your clients.