Eurodita 2 Bedroom Log Cabin with Shower & Sitting Room – Nordic Timber Camping Home

Eurodita 2 Bedroom Log Cabin with Shower & Sitting Room - Nordic Timber Camping Home

With the presence in nearly 50 nations, Eurodita has established itself as a glamping supplies maker, catering to the needs of residential camping solutions dealers & leisure living log homes retailers


These 2 Bedroom Pre-Made Log Houses have a more open and simple floor plan than typical wooden cabins and still provide surprising resistance to outdoor weather elements. Preferred by businesses dealing in customizable log cabin kits, these made to measure units are highly recommended for home-building in and around wildlife trails or other natural spaces that cannot afford full-strength residential development. Pre-manufactured wooden homes are being increasingly seen in remote and offbeat locations too, including Lakeside, beachside, seaside, countryside, and mountainous locations—the primary factor they are liked by timber lodge retailers!


  • Sturdy Design: Readymade wooden cabins have emerged as the top choice for residential camping. Very sturdy and easy-to-outfit, the Siberian spruce house offers plenty of space and customization options for outdoor lodging, impressing classic and modern log home sellers
  • Extremely Spacious: The Nordic timber house has a smart floor plan that ensures that the occupants have enough space to stock their luggage and supplies while having room to relax and move around. The wooden cabin has two bedrooms, two shower rooms, and a sitting room
  • Industry Oriented: Campsite managers and those managing outdoor properties for vacationers or events should seriously consider the custom-made log cabin for its enviable blend of habitat-safe performance, energy savings, and ease-of-assembly. It is repeatedly ordered by camping pod businesses


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Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 7480x9545mm
  • Wall Height: 3168mm
  • Roof slope: 7deg.
  • Overall House Height: 3179mm
  • Roof thickness: 28mm
  • Floor thickness: 28mm
  • Roof beam dimensions and quantity: 70x140mm, 8 pcs
  • Front Overhang: 200mm
  • Roof area: 76.2m2

Windows and doors dimensions and quantity: 1310x600mm (x2), 600x600mm (x2), 830x1930mm (x6), 710x1120mm (x2), 1310x1650mm (x3)

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Eurodita takes a good care of its dealers by producing a premium product and making sure it brings a significant profit for the partners. In fact, 100% of its smart dealers make a profit of a minimum of 20% in the first year of partnership with Eurodita.