2 bedroom , 2 shower room, sitting room

Available log cabin wall thickness:
  • 120mm
  • 90mm

Dimensions (width x length)

 7480 x  9545 mm

Wall height

 3168 mm

Roof slope (degrees + overall house height)

 7°,  3179 mm

Roof thickness

 28 mm

Floor thickness

 28 mm

Roof beam dimensions and quantity

 70 x  140 mm,  8 pcs

Front overhang

 200 mm

Roof area

 76.2 m2

Windows and doors quality

 Made in glulam with double glass

Windows and doors dimensions and quantity

 1310×600(x2), 600×600(x2), 830×1930(x6), 710×1120(x2), 1310×1650(x3) mm



Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee

Wooden houses are a classic thing. They’ve been popular for many years and some styles just don’t seem to get old. It is an amazing thing how a well made wooden house remains to be strong and reliable, just brilliant to live in. However, it’s not always the case. Very often we get to see the completely another side of the amplitude – poorly made log cabins who did last the test of time: lack of insulation and bad quality of the construction leads to the point where people just don’t want to live in wooden houses.

However, there are plenty of good things about living in one, one of the main factors being the price – an interlocking log cabin, such as the ones you see here, is far cheaper than the alternative options and building it is very simple, therefore making it a great option.

An insulated wood house can conserve heat in a great way. All that is needed – great materials and good build quality. And we can offer both of those at the same time. The highest quality Siberian timber is just as good as it can ever get, and the very same interlocking systems make sure that there will not be a single spot for cold air to get inside. Insulated wood house gets rid of all this. Putting all of this together, you can get rid of one of the biggest problems simple wooden houses usually suffer in winter – it won’t be too expensive to get it warm and make it stay that way. It will be properly insulated so your expenses won’t scare you and you’ll be saving not only on the construction but on the heating bills as well.

We can offer an insulated wood house for every single kind of client. All of them are made out of the best materials, use the same reliable interlocking systems and are insulated so well they easily stand any kind of winter. If your timber house is one of our own – it surely is worth to live in one. And “Eurodita” log cabins are just a great fit for everyone looking.