Eurodita Polypropylene Hot Tubs

Eurodita Polypropylene Hot Tubs
Available sizes:
1. Hot Tub Diameter 1.5m. Water Capacity 1600l, hot tub – for four persons
2. Hot Tub Diameter 1.9m. Water Capacity 2550l, hot tub – for six persons
3. Hot Tub Diameter 2.2m.Water Capacity 3420l, hot tub – for eight persons
Available colors: Black, Light Blue, Grey
Available exterior finishing: Thermo Wood, Siberian Larch, Spruce
Hot Tub wall thickness: 20 mm
Propylene thickness: 8 mm (bench, edge), 5 mm (bottom, walls)
Heater: Inside
Eurodita Polypropylene Hot Tub set includes:
Wooden hot tub with polypropylene inside frame
Stainless steel built-in heater with a chimney
Stainless steel hoops
Safety fence
Outlet valve for water hose connection
Wooden cover


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Eurodita Hot Tubs: The Leader a Smart Dealer Deserves

Our wooden hot tubs seem rustic and luxurious at the same time. Customers are easily tempted by the product and the heavenly experiences associated with it. The tubs are produced from high-quality pinewood or Termo wood. Diameters range from 1.5 to 2.2 meters. The heaters may be located internally or externally.

Key difference: Extra features are available, such as the bubble bath function, LED lights, electric heaters.