Eurodita Kota Style Sauna Cabin [9.2] Outdoor BBQ Hut with Changing Room

Eurodita is an established supplier of timber homes and outdoor BBQ huts made from Nordic timber. This is where dealers across Europe shop or log cabins, carports & camping buses – an unchallenged industry fact we are proud to share!

In the middle of shepherding grounds, along a lake, in the backyard or right on the coast, property developers and local realtors can set-up Eurodita Kota Style Sauna Cabin almost anywhere. This log shelter is a sensible pick by dealers as it meets eco-friendly vacationing standards and is still easy to assemble and maintain. With its sturdy construction and versatile usage, the outdoor BBQ hut continues to address the outdoor glamping needs rather impressively.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Despite being robust, this Kota BBQ hut is found in all neighborhoods, no matter how upscale or suburban. This is because of the beautiful design. This unit is available in multiple roof shingle colours, chimney kits and heaters that can be placed according to own wish.
  • Global Standards: The sauna cabin is trending big amongst retailers of outdoor cabins as it conforms to European international standards for floor plan, kit assembly, and green performance – promising ease of assembly and installation, making it easy to market for log solution sellers.
  • Delivery Standards: Eurodita exceeds contemporary standards for outdoor BBQ huts & delivery. The 4-week delivery benchmark is perhaps the best you get in the log pavilion industry.

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Technical Specifications:
Dimensions: 9.2
Two rooms inside: a sauna room and a changing room
Premium class Nordic timber
No Finger Joint used
Quality Kota style Sauna Cabin 9.2 Size: 3256x3760mm
Wall Thickness: 45mm
Ridge height: 3396mm
Sidewall height: 1243mm
2 Double glass windows
Wooden door with a lock and window
Inside glass doors between a sauna room
Heater and chimney KITS available in option
Heat-resistant plates for a heater
Changing room bench with a cushion
Sauna benches
Roof shingles’ colour: red, black, green

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Eurodita is devoted to the quality of the log structures as much as to the smart dealers who purchase it. Even after the deal is sealed, our team regularly visits our partners’ facilities to get a better understand of the increasing needs and to improve our product range accordingly.