Eurodita Kota Style Sauna Cabin [9.2m2] Garden BBQ Home with Heater, Chimney | Backyard Cabins

Lithuania-based Eurodita has built its reputation worldwide with the construction of robust and premium quality shed cabins, garden barbeque home and Glulam log homes.


Eurodita Kota Style Sauna Cabin has been trending heavily in the niche of amenities-packed garden BBQ hut. For real estate developers, adding a BBQ hut makes it easy to upsell properties that need a separate unit for outdoor recreation—making it very easy for our dealers to promote these as easy-to-install sauna cabins. Sports leisure facilities, including clubhouses and retreat homes, need sauna pavilions that provide an aspirational space, with booths that complement spectacular natural landscapes and help to extend the luxury living aspect of existing premises—our log solutions fit the bill!


  • Long Term Promise: Using superior timber and longer-lasting log profiles, Eurodita ensures that this garden hut last for many years. This garden BBQ Hut needs negligible care-related expenses. Trust these eco-friendly cabins of not disturbing local habitats or conflicting with building regulations
  • Expert Craftsmen: The barbeque log cabin is made by expert tradesmen, some with more than 20 years of experience in creating timber products from quality materials. No matter what you buy from Eurodita, it will be an item you will be proud to display.
  • Outdoorsy Cabin: Landscaping experts often receive demands for personalised spaces to stack and organise home repair tools or camping gear. This easy-to-set-up garden hut is ideal for such causes. The log storage room or garage allows DIY enthusiasts to create a private haven.


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Technical Specifications:

  • Dimension: 9.2 mt. sq.
  • No Finger Joint used
  • Quality Kota style Sauna Cabin 9.2 Size 3256x3760mm
  • Wall Thickness: 45mm
  • Ridge height 3530mm
  • Sidewall height 1243mm
  • 2 Double glass windows
  • Wooden door with a lock and window
  • Heater and chimney KITS available in option
  • Heat-resistant plates for a heater
  • Benches
  • Roof shingles’ colour: red, black, green
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Every dealer seeks to be exclusive, hence Eurodita offers the exclusive dealership program, that is chosen by the two-thirds of our smart dealers. The program secures that the distributed product is the only one in the area and only being sold by the particular dealer, under his own label.