Modern Style BBQ Hut [16.5m2]

Eurodita is an established wholesaler of log cabin kits, BBQ huts, wooden furniture, and sauna barrels. We work closely with our dealers enabling them to boost the business with an ever-expanding inventory.


Modular Grill Kota Cabins are mostly preferred by landscapers for their use as outdoor entertainment rooms, summer kitchens, extra guest rooms, and backyard cabins. This versatility is due to the liberating floor plan, secured roofing, and the use of genuine materials that insulate comprehensively. These modular grill cabins are becoming popular for their ergonomic design and luxurious features—making them easy to promote for our timber product sellers. As a summer kitchen, this Kota Cabin is well-ventilated with an extendable chimney and two openings, always keeping the occupants comfortable and cosy.


  • Seasonal Guest Rooms: Often used as backyards cabins, these grill homes have extra beddings to accommodate guests. The insulated walls keep them warm even in extreme weather. For homeowners, these are highly usable spaces for a peaceful retreat or hosting client meetings
  • Aesthetic Appeal: One primary reason these garden grill homes are a favourite among property renovators is that they add to the aesthetic appeal of the property. With high energy savings and structural strength, these garden pavilions can boost the realty evaluation of a property
  • Breathe Easier: Log cabin dealers regularly face the barrage of questions about indoor air quality. Our BBQ home kits maintain the perfect blend of smart ventilation, constructional insulation, and the best manufacturing materials to keep away common pollutants/toxins/contaminants


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Technical Specifications:

  • Inside area: 16.5 m²
  • Size: 15-21 people
  • Used Premium Quality Timber: Pinewood
  • Wall thickness: 45 mm
  • Floor thickness: 28 mm
  • Roof thickness: 18 mm; Finnish bitumen shingles
  • Modern Style Kota Grill cabin 16.5m2 Window size: 880 x 510 mm
  • Modern Style Kota Grill cabin 16.5m2 Door size: 780 x 1500 mm
  • Ico pal Bitumen Shingles in a colour of your choice
  • Extendable luxury chimney
  • A small porch at the entrance
  • Laminated timber four double glazed windows (2 opening)
  • Laminated Timber Door with the double glazed hexagon window, wooden handle, and the lock
  • Central luxury BBQ
  • Table fitted around the BBQ
  • Seven benches (2 extendable for sleeping)
  • Cushions for the benches
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Gaining a substantial profit is always great, but small product prices do not always necessarily mean good quality. Eurodita values integrity and does everything to produce the highest quality log structures while maintaining reasonable prices.