BBQ Hut [25m2]

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Whether it is winter or summer camping, adventure or laidback vacation plans, Eurodita Kota Grill Cabin stands-up to all outdoor accommodation expectations—making it the preferred choice of many winter cabin dealers. Using the best in-house log building practices, the log grill hut has been created with an emphasis on durability and eco-friendliness. The wooden lodge offers residential quality living standards, repeatedly brought across the camping-glamping domain. Now, considered an industry standard, it is the only product of its kind offering well-structured windows and a porch without raising the prices!


  • Integrated Design: The pinewood hut has a highly integrated design that means no room for energy leaks or moisture seepage along with nothing left loose or hanging that can harm the children or pets. Our dealers can confidently market it as pet and children friendly log home for backyards, gardens.
  • Proper Ventilation: The seasonal BBQ cabin is well-ventilated, ensuring the occupants get healthy air. It is made from thoughtfully procured pinewood that has the least environmental impact. Care has been taken not to use adhesives or treatments that contaminate the indoor air.
  • Fast Shipping: Eurodita works in collaboration with the top regional carrier & courier companies. We ensure that sauna cabin home kits reach dealers without extended waiting to provide the perfect supply chain is sustained. Your happiness ensures business gains for everyone!


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Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 25 mt. sq.
  • Kota Grill cabin Inside area: 25.0 mt. sq.
  • Size: 25-30 people
  • Timber: Pinewood
  • Wall thickness: 45 mm
  • Floor thickness: 18 mm
  • Roof thickness and finishing: 18 mm; Finnish bitumen shingles
  • Window size: 880 x 510 mm
  • Door size: 780 x 1760 mm
  • Pinewood Floor panels
  • Pinewood Straight walls
  • Roof covered with bitumen shingles
  • Extendable standard chimney
  • Small porch with a roof at the entrance
  • Pinewood 4 double glazed windows (2 opening)
  • Pinewood Door with the double-glazed hexagon window, wooden handle and the lock
  • Central standard BBQ
  • Pinewood Table fitted around the BBQ
  • Seven benches (2 extendable for sleeping)
  • Cushions for the benches
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Eurodita promises the delivery to be always on time with no faulty parts or missing items. That can be confirmed by the 95% happy customers that have never experienced a delay in their orders. That’s what makes us one of the best companies when it comes to B2B administration of log industry in Lithuania!