BBQ Hut with Extension [16.5m2+3.75m2]

Eurodita is a trusted manufacturing & supply brand that offers the best-priced log structures like Pinewood Timber Garden Huts with the assurance of quick order processing.

Eurodita Kota Grill Cabin with Extension is increasingly seen in remote and offbeat locations too, including Lakeside, beachside, seaside, countryside, and mountainous locations—the primary factor this Pinewood Timber Garden Hut is liked by timber lodge retailers! Fitted with modern facilities like centre table, chimney, wooden roof, metal grilling plate, and high-grade floor panels, it has emerged as the best log solution for vacationing folks demanding a home-like outdoor grill hut. 

  • Easy Placement: This BBQ cabin is rather easy to install, in gardens or backyards. When installed around a green spread with potted plants and entryway or pathway, it looks like a part of the leading home—a big reason why log cabin sellers have been marketing them as property expansion solutions to realtors!
  • Pinewood Construction: Eurodita sauna log cabin is made of the finest quality pinewood which makes the structure durable. The moderately heavy wood provides stiffness and additional strength to the overall structure. It has high resistance to warping, shrinking, cracking, stiffening, or developing seasonal weaknesses
  • Sustainable Units: This barbecue cabin is more sustainable than traditional backyard homes as it does not deplete natural resources and is relatively safe for the local environment. The low carbon emission is good for green consumerism and makes the BBQ cabins most likely to get local regulatory clearances

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·       Dimensions: 16.5mt. sq. with extension
·       Inside area: 16.5 mt. sq. cabin + 3.57 mt. sq. extension
·       Size: 15-25 people
·       Timber: Pinewood
·       Wall thickness: 45 mm
·       Floor thickness: 18 mm
·       Roof thickness and finishing: 18 mm; Finnish bitumen shingles
·       Window size: 880 x 510 mm
·       Door size: 780 x 1500 mm
·       Pinewood Floor panels
·       Pinewood Straight walls
·       Roof covered with bitumen shingles in a colour of your choice
·       Extendable standard chimney
·       Small porch with a roof at the entrance
· five double glazed windows (3 opening)
·       Door with the double-glazed hexagon window, wooden handle and the lock
·       Central standard BBQ

·       Pinewood Table fitted around the BBQ
·       Pinewood 6 benches (2 extendable for sleeping)
·       Cushions for the benches

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Being a B2B manufacturing company, Eurodita always stays a silent partner, so that the dealers would get all the credits for the products they sell. Private label program allows the dealers to receive the log structures unbranded and sell it under the label of the dealers’.