Triple BBQ Cabin with Sauna room, Hot Tub room

Eurodita is positioned uniquely in the private label log structure marketplace with green performance log cabins, Kota BBQ cabin and timber sheds, serving global log cabin retailers!


Easy to place in the backyard or a corner in the garden, Eurodita Kota BBQ Cabin consumes less space due to its intelligent, floor area-conserving design. This high-on modern amenities, BBQ hut grill is easy to market in places like resorts and countryside/riverside spa studios. It has been found in more significant residential complexes where property owners want quick log solutions for seasonal guest housing or to create a man-cave or man-den for sporting activities or private warehousing. This garden sauna unit is requested continuously by vacation property managers since it is ideal to be fitted with the latest in spa and sauna fittings. A favourite among camping cabin sellers, it creates a natural, residential-quality sauna cabin that borrows the best features from luxury tents, resorts and yoga retreat centres—the best of each log unit we created, combined in one compact form for your comfort!


  • Unbelievable Versatility: Realtors and outdoor property developers prefer this garden hut as it is quite flexible and functions not only as a cookout venue but are also converted into a home spa unit & hot tub room. Log cabin dealers love this dexterity which helps them market the product better, to individual and commercial buyers.
  • Easy Installation Kit: This sauna cabin is available with complete materials and easy to install features. With a minimal background in setting up a BBQ hut, property sellers and cabin resellers also ask for installation of features like roofing shingles, electric heaters, and adjustable chimneys—our spa log unit has all of this and much more!
  • B2B Game-Changer: Owing to the quality of Eurodita timber structures and low pricing, most dealers have earned up to 20 per cent profit during the first year of the partnership itself—a hard-to-beat industry truth!


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Technical Specifications:

  • 3 Kota cabins in size of 9.2m2.
  • Wall thickness: 46mm
  • Premium quality BBQ set with adjustable chimney
  • Double glazed windows and door
  • Sauna room with benches and Harvia 13.5Kw electric heater
  • Spa room with PP Hot Tub, Electric 6Kw Heater, Bubble Spa Massage, LED lights
  • Roof covering
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Eurodita is constantly evolving – better delivering system, spreading across the world, bigger assortment, applying the new technologies and optimizing the costs. However, one thing will never change – the top quality.