Eurodita Grill Cabin Kota Grill [16.5m2] Shingle Roof BBQ Hut for Commercial/Residential Areas | Backyard Log Homes

Based in Lithuania, Eurodita is an established global manufacturer of Nordic timber structures including log cabins, garden sheds, sauna barrels and BBQ hut grill—your wholesale supplier!


With camping becoming a glamorous affair, the demand for grill Kota cabins has tremendously increased in recent years. Vacation rental sites are demanding quick to set-up grilling cabins from log cabin retailers. Among all the possible solutions, campsite managers seem to prefer our Grill Kota Cabin Grill. This BBQ lodge features sturdy construction with well-insulated walls that help in conserving energy. Sticking to global standard designs means these log solutions are most likely to get all local, regional clearances. Exhibiting a compact structure, the grilling pod has a smart floor design that is open to customisation, saves energy, and looks like a part of the natural landscape.


  • Shingled Roofing: The garden shed grill feature Bitumen shingle roofing which has a long lifespan and offers class-A fire protection. This roofing is easy to install and looks aesthetically superior, at par with BBQ hut roofs made from traditionally more cumbersome and more expensive materials.
  • Secure Cabin Huts: What makes this garden sheds so popular among timber cabin retailers is the fact that they feature traditional lock & key door. This helps in securing the materials stocked inside—a feature that retailers find very handy to promote this product for backyard log homes
  • Expert Craftsmen: The BBQ cabin kits we build are all made by expert craftsmen with 20 years of experience in creating timber products out of quality materials. When combined with computer-controlled mechanised processes, the final product is far superior with no competition in the marketplace for wholesale BBQ hut grill.


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Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 4551x4551mm.
  • Height: 3556mm.
  • Roof covered with Premium Bitumen Shingles
  • Rounded wall boards: 45mm Thickness
  • Premium Quality Nordic Spruce
  • Double glass windows (2 opening)
  • Inside grill, cooking platforms, the table around the Grill
  • Inside Benches, Adjustable Chimney
  • Pillows for the benches
  • Secure Lock & Key Door
  • Floor quickly assembled from separate component
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Originated from Lithuania, Eurodita has surely come a long way. From a small aster European country, the company has expanded globally, reaching such far regions as China, Panama, Australia and more.