BBQ Hut [9.2m2]

Eurodita is a responsible and reliable manufacturer/designer of a rich variety of log and ecologically-friendly timber structures like wooden barbecue cabin, shed homes & Glulam house.


Realising the renaissance for green living homes, cabin home resellers and real estate managers are continually demanding better performing BBQ huts that are easy to install in commercial and residential premises. Eurodita Grill Cabin Kota Grill meets this expectation admirably, ready to be outfitted as an outdoor kitchen and garden shed house. This wooden barbecue cabin is more sustainable and easier to maintain than any conventional housing structure—a big reason why holiday cabin sellers are ordering this Kota BBQ hut in bulk. The hassle-free assemblage and ease of setting-up anywhere further make the deal hard to resist!


  • Conserves Energy: The outdoor BBQ shed acts as a thermal saver where well-insulated wall traps the heat inside during the day and releases it when needed, during nights. This means owners, vacationers and families are kept warm, and the energy bills are cut down.
  • Dealer Network: For dealers selling our BBQ house, we have set-up the most exceptional network for lumber units where the BBQ houses are supplied at bulk rates with room for processing emergency orders without significant waiting periods
  • Outdoorsy Cabin: Landscaping experts often receive demands for personalised spaces to stack and organise home repair tools or camping gear. This easy-to-set-up grill house is ideal for such causes. The log storage room or garage allows DIY enthusiasts to create a private haven.

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Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 9.2m2
  • Grill cabin Kota Grill 9.2m2 Size 3770x3265mm.
  • Grill cabin Kota Grill 9.2m2 Height 3629mm.
  • Roof covered with Premium Bitumen Shingles
  • Rounded wall boards 45mm Thickness
  • Premium Quality Nordic Spruce
  • 3 Double glass windows (1 opening)
  • Inside grill, cooking platforms, the table around the Grill
  • Inside Benches, Adjustable Chimney
  • Pillows for the benches
  • Secure Lock & Key Door
  • Floor quickly assembled from separate components
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