BBQ Hut [6.9m2]

Eurodita is a global wholesale shipper of best designed outdoor house units including backyard BBQ huts, wooden pavilion and garden shed to private label log sellers.


Matching global building standards for backyard and garden units, Eurodita offers comforting, nature-friendly log construction units like Grill Cabin Kota Grill fitted with modern amenities. Property development firms and real estate agents vouch for this backyard BBQ hut as it promises longevity and excellent service standards at affordable rates. Spotted at woodland camping locations, caravan camping sites, and commercially managed camping grounds, this garden barbecue house is readied for the harshest outdoor conditions, with high resistance to warping, shrinkage, joint loosening, cracking, or moisture seepage.


  • Bitumen Shingles: This barbecue lodge has bitumen roofing shingles that provide a robust outer area on the roof that is comprehensively sealed against winter or seasonal intrusions of moisture or humidity. The strong overlay on roof protects BBQ cabin from storms. Trust the cabin roof to last for years!
  • All-Purpose BBQ Huts: Landscaping artists and local realtors prefer our log BBQ units because they are comprehensively outfitted with wooden centre tables, cushioned sittings, chimney & metal grill. This makes it easier to sell this BBQ hut grill in markets where property owners want the maximum facilities in an outhouse
  • Unchallenged Lifespan: This garden BBQ cabin is strong and durable and ensures a much longer lifespan as high-quality wood is used to manufacture it. Our B2B partners offer extended warranties to the users due to proven strength and flexibility of our log structures—a market standard that is yet to be beaten by our competitors!


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Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6.9 mt. sq.
  • Grill cabin Kota Grill 6.9m2 Size 2909x2909mm.
  • Cabin Height: 3327mm
  • Roof covered with Premium Bitumen Shingles
  • Rounded wall boards 45mm Thickness
  • Premium Quality Nordic Spruce
  • 4 Opening Double glass windows
  • Inside grill, cooking platforms, the table around the Grill
  • Inside Benches, Adjustable Chimney
  • Pillows for the benches
  • Secure Lock & Key Door
  • Floor quickly assembled from separate components
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Eurodita thrives not only on satisfying the dealers but also by taking into the consideration the wellness of the environment. The all-natural log structures not only are eco-friendly but also blends very well into the environment.