BBQ Hut with Extension[25m2]

Eurodita continues to create market’s bestselling log unit solutions like wooden BBQ huts with a slew of outdoor log structures that blend comfort & style.

Eurodita Kota Grill Cabin has been grabbing the attention of private label log resellers and estate agents for a long time with its exceptional outdoor performance and great aesthetics. This wooden BBQ hut creates a cosy, intimate and fun environment with its practical design constructed using bitumen shingles finished, high-quality pinewood. The smart floor plan and unique sloping wall design of this BBQ summer house give more space to the occupants and allows great room for personalization.

  • All Terrain Readiness: From the alpine zone to wetlands and lowlands, from moist and dry soil conditions, our cabin dealers have been able to upsell this log grill cabin in nearly any landscape due to the incredible strength
  • Nifty Usage: Eurodita’s backyard BBQ hut is not just for barbecuing they are great for weekend outdoor lodging, creating a teenage den, granny annexes, a cosy winter guest room, and a unique man-cave
  • Comfortably convenient: A reason why this wooden BBQ huts are highly recommended by realtors and property managers is the comfort it offers. The cushioned benches, heater and extendable chimney offer a relaxing and breathe easy environment

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Technical Specifications:
Dimensions: 25 mt. sq.
Inside area: 25.0 mt. sq. cabin + 4.45 mt. sq. extension
Size: 25-30 people
Pinewood Timber
Wall thickness: 45 mm
Floor thickness: 18 mm
Roof thickness and finishing: 18 mm; Finish bitumen shingles
Window size: 880 x 510 mm
Door size: 780 x 1760 mm
Pinewood Floor panels
Pinewood Straight walls
Roof covered with bitumen shingles
Extendable standard chimney
Small porch with a roof at the entrance
Pinewood 5 double glazed windows (3 opening)
Pinewood Door with the double-glazed hexagon window, wooden handle, and the lock
Central standard BBQ
Pinewood Table fitted around the BBQ
Pinewood 6 benches (2 extendable for sleeping)
Cushions for the benches

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