Available log cabin wall thickness:
  • 220mm Glulam

Scandinavian style Glulam Log house Anders

  • Wall thickness: 220mm Premium quality Laminated logs
  • Log house side wall height 2.7m
  • Log house ridge height 4.0m
  • Windows and doors 68mm European standard
  • Standard Log house set include:
  • Outside walls 220x260mm thickness, inside walls in 88mm thickness, floor boards, roof boards, laminated timber windows and doors.
  • Log house timber not treated or painted.

We designing and manufacturing custom size Laminated log houses by customers drawings, wishes and ideas. Our experienced designers and engineers team will do the best to help You.

Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee

Do you use the mobile phone you used ten years ago? You don‘t, why is that? It is old and despicable, you say? And the car you drive… And some decades ago, the ideas of climate control in a car have still looked quite modern and still not fully working or practical. But look where we are now. And we believe the same thing goes for your garden house. “Eurodita” log cabins believe that it is possible to make it modern.

Garden log cabin might look like the simplest of things to ever own but it is a great thing polished and made ready to use by years of research and work as well as it gives you the ability to add your own expansions and use your own ideas to make a garden house of your dreams.

A European garden house doesn‘t have to be a glass-filled post-modern piece of unpractical art, it is all about the ideas you can add. Get the air conditioning and wireless internet done, and a simple garden house can become your distant office. Sacrifice a window and install a ping pong table for a perfect party place. Use the vertical space to get some hammocks inside and make it the best chill-out place there has ever been. The ideas are all there in your head, it is up to you to take them and use them to create something amazing out of them. Pick “Eurodita” log cabins.

And the best base to put your ideas on to get your “Eurodita” log cabins is definitely a log cabin. All wooden, so it‘s easy to apply for any expansions or extensions. Low-cost, so there would be money left to do what you want to do. This is the way European garden house has been evolving, don‘t ask what you can do with a garden house, ask what it can do for you. Garden buildings can serve many purposes so get yourself a log cabin and build yourself a fort of your dreams. A wide selection of them is right here, to fit the needs and taste of everyone. It‘s like a pillow fort we all made in our childhoods. Only this time the fantasy can be real.