Glulam Log House Stockhus

Eurodita has emerged as the top log home maker, ready with a wide array of standard sized & customized wooden log cabin kits for log home suppliers across Europe


Eurodita Nordic timber Glulam house is trending big in the niche of temporary but ultra-reliable log structures that are essentially building substitutes. They have been spotted in backyards of country homes, often used for rented accommodation. For universities and similarly-sized properties, like hotels and guest houses, Stockhus Laminated Wooden Cabin provide an easy option to set-up residential-quality cabin space for hosting events or increasing accommodation room. This camping unit performs better than traditional wooden homes with virtually negligible caring demands, making it perfect to be outfitted at camping grounds—a big reason they are ordered in big numbers by commercial log cabin sellers.


  • Robust Structure: This Nordic spruce cabin is made of untreated, un-painted timber. The log cabin kit is equipped for all weathers, positioned as an inherently strong camping home that can withstand the harshest summers or freezing winters
  • Extra Space: From themed cabin space needed for destination weddings to doubling-up as a handy shed or warehousing space during the off-season, this Eurodita Nordic spruce cabin can be customized into a versatile outdoor accommodation according to changing demands
  • Easy Assembly: Property managers, event planners, and accommodation providers prefer this Nordic spruce cabin when handling bulk bookings for festivals and open events hosted in the outdoors


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Technical Specifications:

  • Wall Thickness: 220mm
  • Material: Nordic timber
  • Wall size: 14.8m x 9.6m
  • Windows and Doors with Double glazing residential quality
  • No finger joints
  • Laminated log house inside area: 120.5 mt. sq.
  • Standard log house set includes: outside walls by chosen thickness, inside walls in 90mm thickness, floorboards, roof boards, laminated timber windows, and doors
  • Log house timber not treated or painted
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