GluLam Log Cabin Horne

GluLam Log Cabin, Laminated Logs „Horne “

Dimensions (width x length) 3346 x 3956 mm

Wall thickness 70 mm, Laminated, Glulam logs

Wall height 2295 mm

Roof pitch (degree + Total cottage altitude) 2°, 2433 mm

Roof thickness 20 mm

Floor thickness 28 mm

Rafters dimensions and quantity 70 x 150 mm, 3 units

Front extension of the canopy 300 mm

The area of a roof 16.7 m2

The length of the terrace —

Windows and doors qualGlulamelam timber with double-glazed units

Windows and doors dimensions and quantity 710×1560(x4), 1410×1930 mm

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