Glulam Log Cabin Gilbert

Glulam, Laminated Log Cabin „ Gilbert “

Dimensions (width x length) 8216 x 3956 mm

Wall thickness 70 mm Laminated logs

Wall height 2160 mm

Roof pitch (degree + Total cottage altitude) 4°, 2437 mm

Roof thickness 20 mm

Floor thickness 28 mm

Rafters dimensions and quantity 70 x 150 mm, 7 units

Front extension of the canopy 500 mm

The area of a roof 38.1 m2

The length of the terrace —

Windows and doors quality Glulam timber with double-glazed units

Windows and doors dimensions and quantity 1410×1560(x2), 1410×1930(x2), 600×600, 900×1930(x2)



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Being 100% environmentally friendly in the 21st century is very difficult unless one builds a house by hands – only with an axe and a saw. The building foundation, walls, the roof – in the modern times it is unimaginable to construct it without the help of the technology. Eurodita has discovered the way how to stay environmentally friendly while applying the latest architectural innovations.