Eurodita two floors Laminated Log house Monaco


Eurodita two floors Laminated Log house Monaco

  • Wall thickness: 220mm Premium quality Laminated logs
  • Eurodita two floors Laminated Log house Monaco wall size: 14×10.5m
  • Windows and doors made in double glassing of Residential quality
  • Standard Log house set include: outside walls by chosen thickness, inside walls in 90mm thickness, floor boards, roof boards, laminated timber windows and doors.
  • Log house timber not treated or painted.


Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee

A well-made gazebo is a thing of beauty. It fits well into the landscape, serves many purposes and very often can be not only the main meeting place but the main talking topic. Gazebos look great in parks and people like them and they need them. Don‘t take my word for it, go to a park in a busy day and try to find one that is not occupied. Yes, we know. Difficult stuff. A great gazebo is definitely a thing of beauty that many people admire.

However, getting a European wooden gazebo inside your garden can be rather difficult. Especially if it is a great looking gazebo you‘re looking for. Doing it all by yourself can tricky, time-consuming and even more expensive than it might seem. The wrong materials used also can look good after a couple of years but suddenly, after a few winters, a few autumns and a few summers everything will look just awful and your gazebo will look nothing close to the one you built. “Eurodita” log cabins understands that you need a good quality building that you can trust for years and years to come. This is where we come for help.

Look around and pick what suits you the best. We offer you European wooden gazebos you will be proud of. Various styles, various sizes, and all made with great care and knowledge, only out of the highest quality materials. European quality gazebos are made only out of Siberian timber, that is the best option for every timber structure placed outside and exposed to sun, rain, wind and snow.

Look at the options we offer on our “Eurodita” log cabins and pick the European wooden gazebo you like. Pick the gazebo that fits your needs and your landscape. And no matter which one it will be, we promise that it will be easy to build and will last long. The quality is our biggest promise. And the price will definitely be good. And that‘s just the cherry on top for all of us.