Eurodita Laminated Log house Berlin

Eurodita Laminated Log house Berlin

  • Wall thickness: 135mm;180mm;200mm Premium quality Laminated logs
  • Eurodita Laminated Log house Berlin wall size: 12.5mx12.35m
  • Windows and doors made in double glassing of Residential quality
  • Laminated log house inside area 120.5m2
  • Standard Log house set include:

    outside walls by chosen thickness, inside walls in 90mm thickness, floor boards, roof boards, laminated timber windows and doors.

  • Log house timber not treated or painted.


Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee

We live in a big world that is all connected and the things that seemed far away are now our to take and use. Let it be the great food of China, Italy or India or anyone else, or the great inventions of the ancient Chinese, our world sure has moved forward a lot since we decided to share what we achieved.

We take it to the expert countries to get exactly what we want. Italian pizza just tastes better than the one made in Stoke. And Chinese porcelain is just better than the one made in Belarus. So the next time you’re looking for a log cabin, pick those people who know how to create real quality. Trust this to the Europe. They can build you a great European log house. And “Eurodita” log cabins can get you the best of the best.

The Siberian timber used in these “Eurodita” log cabins houses is just the same that the locals are using for their world famous houses. Withstanding cold, heat, rain, and an occasional herd of moose, the Siberian countries know how to prepare their timber to create real quality. There are no low-quality materials used anywhere near any of European log house you can find here. This is what makes these log cabins exceptional. High-quality materials and high-level experts work to create the best in their own class.

The systems used to get our “Eurodita” log cabins together are the fruit of the long years in work to create something exceptional. And houses you get are highly reminding the ones that were, are, and will still be standing in Europe countries. We trust the experts, and so should you. Log cabins have been used for many purposes, and a well made one can serve not only as a simple shed. It is easy to fall in love with this European log house so much, you would even consider living in it.

Look around at the list we offer and pick the log cabin you love the most. European log houses can be amazing, when taken directly from those who know, how to build them. It sure feels good to take only the best this world can offer.