Glulam Camping Log Cabin

Headquartered in Lithuania, Eurodita is a maker-supplier of Nordic timber structures with a global supply chain. We work collaboratively with our dealers, providing them great offers on bulk orders

Dealers and suppliers of camping cabins are constantly in search of outdoor accommodation solutions that are well-insulated can be shipped at quick notice. This is why they prefer Eurodita Camping Log Cabins – the compact log houses suit all landscapes, ranging from camping grounds and national parks, hunting trails to angling sites, and a lot more. The laminated camping homes feature customized smart floor plans which help campsite managers save costs on energy bills.

  • Durable Construction: Constructed using Glulam lumber, a wood product is made from layers of wood bonded together for maximum strength. This means greater resistance to warping, shrinking, bending, or distortion
  • Made-to-Measure: The beauty of these cabins is that they can withstand the roughest terrain and still provide room for customization. The camping cabins are often constructed according to specifications provided by wholesale buyers. Dealers use this collaboration to secure bigger deals!
  • Dealer Ready Solutions: Eurodita offers camping log cabins that are better than traditional stud homes. If you need only the best log cabins to stand apart in a local or regional marketplace, trust these camping cabins to keep the sales queries high no matter what season of the year it is

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Technical Specifications:
Dimensions (width x length): 5000 x 4000 mm
Wall thickness: 90 mm
Wall height: 2835 mm
Roof pitch (degree + Total cottage altitude); 13°, 3933 mm
Roof thickness: 20 mm
Floor thickness: 28 mm
Rafters dimensions and quantity: 70 x 150 mm, 4 units
Front extension of the canopy: 200 mm
The area of a roof: 22.8
The length of the terrace: —
Windows and doors quality: Glulam timber with double-glazed units
Windows and doors dimensions and quantity: 1460×1930, 1200×1000, 1200×600 mm

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Eurodita Standard Cabins: The Leader a Smart Dealer Deserves

Our best-sold product, the standard cabins represent quality which is tested by time. Each model represents universality, durability, practical design and an inspired way of living.

Key difference: Over the years Eurodita has optimized the production of these popular models. Cost optimization has made them even more popular among dealers who can get these amazing wooden buildings for a very reasonable price. Important note: we sell these cabins in large quantities only.