Contemporary Log Cabin Windermere [76m2]

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  • Catering to the changing demands and needs of vacationing families, many cabin resellers are bulk ordering Eurodita Contemporary Log Cabins that feature modern amenities with structural integrity. Features include insulated walls, reliable roofing system, and a smart floor plan. The chic log home offers residential quality living standards, repeatedly bought across the camping-glamping domain. The modern log cabin is developed with the latest tools, from non-toxic materials and provides better indoor air quality than most cabins. For glamping site managers, these pods offer the opportunity to maximise rental scope, as they are easy to set-up with almost no site preparation required.
  • Healthy Units: Eurodita ensures that construction of this modular wooden house is done with the most beautiful quality lumber. The Nordic timber is very durable, most certainly to maintain the indoor-outdoor temperature equilibrium, protecting the occupants against wet and freezing conditions.
  • Double Glazed: This prefab log unit is available with a reliable roofing system and smart floor insulation plan. The high-grade quality double-glazed timber windows and doors allow a natural and breathable environment free from contaminants found in standard log cabins
  • Customisation Available: Our Glulam log cabin combines the luxuries of a premium hotel living with the compact confines of a log home-like structure. Expect easy personalization which includes incorporating electrical components and well-painted pods that are easy to market during tourist seasons


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Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 10250x6550mm
  • Contemporary log cabin Windermere inside area 76m2
  • Frame size: 90x90mm
  • Cladding boards from outside and inside: 19mm thick
  • Double roof system, prepared for insulation: 100mm
  • Timber structure sidewall height: 2300mm
  • Ridge height: 3100mm
  • Windows: Residential quality double glazing, Euro68 standard.
  • Doors: Residential quality double glazing, Euro68 standard.
  • Contemporary log cabin Windermere can be supplied factory painted.
  • Custom designs available, contact for more details
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