Modular Log Home Ullswater [63m2]

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Modular Log Home Ullswater is creating buzz among the log home cabin retailers for its ‘leave no trace’ performance. Built using the most beautiful timber in the industry, the log cabin home offers excellent shelter with minimum maintenance. The modern wooden house ensures the insides are protected against moisture seepage, balancing the indoor air quality, and making it easier to breathe healthier. Often spotted in wilderness resorts, commercial camping grounds, hunting & angling sites, the Contemporary Log House reduces emission levels. It caters to all regions with stringent compliance regulations about temporary building standards and green performance of log homes.


  • Compact Design: The pre-cut log home is constructed using thick and premium log profiles and features double glazed windows and doors. The modern outdoor accommodation has an open floor plan and can be synchronised with evolving demands associated with millennial buyers scoping for backyard development projects.
  • Long Term Investment: Using superior timber and longer-lasting log profiles, we ensure that these log structures last for decades. Unlike typical cabin homes that need repeated servicing as a part of expensive upkeep, our modern timber cabin is built to last and requires negligible care-related expenses.
  • Regulation Compatibility: Log cabin dealers in overseas locations often struggle with finding log units that meet building & housing development standards. Adhering to European standards, these Scandinavian style log homes are positioned to meet such regional, state or federal regulations, ensuring dealers can market these as compliance-ready eco homes!


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Technical Specifications:

  • Log cabin wall size: 10250x6550mm
  • Inside area: 63m2
  • Frame size: 90x90mm glulam logs
  • Cladding boards from outside and inside: 19mm thick
  • Double roof system, prepared for insulation: 100mm
  • Timber structure sidewall height – 2300mm
  • Ridge height: 3100mm
  • Windows: Residential quality double glazing, Euro68 standard.
  • Doors: Residential quality double glazing, Euro68 standard.
  • Contemporary log cabin Ullswater can be supplied factory painted.
  • Custom designs available, contact for more details.
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