Insulated Camping Pod [2.4×4.0m]

One of Europe’s top providers for log profile solutions, Eurodita has been furnishing high-quality, well-insulated and weather-resistant log structures like Prefab Camping Pod, Log Cabins, Garden Sheds, Patio Furniture & Log Garages.


With the rise in affordable glamping destinations, there has been a constant increase in the demand for Prefab Glamping Pod. Highly recommended by luxury-camping/glamping unit suppliers, the log cabin pod is usually marketed as mini-hotel for campers—since it provides residential quality features. Built using the most beautiful timbers in the market, the luxury pod is an excellent alternative to tent and yurts. The timber glamping hut features impermeable insulation, using stone wool and shingle roofing. Now, being increasingly spotted at family picnic parks, themed farmhouse retreats, caravan-dwelling sites, holidaying real estate, and in wildlife & bird-watching havens, these Eco Pods have proven themselves in all types of geographies and climatic conditions!


  • Shingle Roofing: Bespoke glamping huts feature shingle roofing—a reliable and durable roofing system that can withstand heavy showers and storms. Bitumen Shingles add to the aesthetic appeal of the wooden glamping unit.
  • Better Air Quality: Log cabin dealers emphasise queries about the living environment within a log unit are on the rise. Our Nordic Spruce glamping hut is made via smart manufacturing. This ensures severely cutting down carbon emissions, vapours, humidity & rot ingress, and common log building pollutants.
  • Cabins with a view: The camping barrel features Danish style windows that offer a great view of the wilderness or countryside. Eurodita camping pod easily blends in any surroundings with its warm design and aura of pure woods. Highly recommended to retailers who need ready solutions for fundamental vacationing units which meet international standards for green performance & comply with temporary housing regulations.


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Technical Specifications:

  • Insulated Camping Pod size 2.4×4.0m
  • Camping Pod Height 2.6m
  • Inside area 6.4m2
  • Wall Thickness: Pine panelling from inside and outside 14mm
  • Stone wool insulation: 100mm
  • Material: Pinewood
  • Camping Pod with double bed
  • Double bed can be upgraded into Double Bunk Bed
  • Furniture included in the standard set:
  • Double bed, Table with two stools, foldable bench
  • Roof covered with Premium Bitumen Shingles
  • Premium Quality Nordic Pine
  • Opening Danish style window on Back wall, window size 700×900
  • Secure Lock Danish style Double Door, door size 1010x1820mm
  • 28mm Tongue & Groove Floor with insulation
  • Terrace made from 28mm impregnated decking boards.
  • Terrace length: 1m
  • Custom Pods available on request.
  • Eurodita can supply pod with the complete electrical installation.
  • Pods can be supplied painted.
  • The pod can be delivered fully assembled or in Flat packs.
  • Assembled pod size: 2.4mx4.0mx2.6m
  • Flat packed pod size: 1.2mx4.0mx1.2m
  • Pod weight 2100Kg.
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For over 23 years Eurodita has been driven by strict discipline when it comes to ensuring the quality of the structures. Spreading into a global organization, it never stopped seizing perfection by constantly adapting exciting innovations. And yet, it never lost its simplicity and efficiency, by providing a lighting fast service around the world and an easy assembly of the log structures.