Double Camping Pod [2.4×6.6m]

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With glamping becoming a global phenomenon, campsite accommodation dealers are getting more queries for outdoor lodges that need minimal set-up time and can easily fit any climate or soil conditions. Eurodita camping pods are gaining immense popularity at commercial campgrounds, glamping resorts and hiking trails. Log cabin retailers recommend Double Camping Pod by Eurodita. It is the ideal alternative to camping tents; the camping hut offers the best of both worlds—wilderness camping and luxurious living. What makes the camping barrel so accessible is its robust construction and anti-rot quality. Typical locations where our adventure pods are gaining more prominence include woodland sits, fishing or angling lakes, waterparks, trailer grounds, RV parts, pod parks, and hiking destinations.


  • Significant Investment: The pod cabin business is lucrative and offers a great return on investment, both to our dealers and the buyers. The glamping huts we provide are an environmentally alternative to caravan and tent. The glamping structure ensures that the lesser-used, unutilized parts of a retreat, resort or conserved forested area can be used for accommodating more guests to generate more rental income.
  • All-Purpose Pod Kits: Cabin sellers catering to family campsites, adventure trails, and high-risk terrains usually market the wooden pod for its versatility. The eco-vacation pod is the ideal accommodation for guests attending open-air festivals. It can be spotted at seasonally managed hunting grounds apart from being a part of kayaking or beachside destinations. The small and compact pod can be used as a playhouse or a guest house on private premises.
  • Expert Craftsmen: Each of our eco pods is built strong, made by expert craftsmen, using genuine timber that is sourced responsibly. We understand the need for adventure pods to comply with environmental performance standards and Eurodita pods ensure that you have a product that saves money and provides the assurance of meeting global guidelines for eco-friendly footprints.


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Technical Specifications:

  • Camping Pod Height: 2.6m
  • Wall thickness: 46mm (For single wall Pod)
  • Wall Thickness: Pine panelling from inside and outside 14mm (For insulated Pod)
  • Stone wool insulation: 100mm
  • Material: Pinewood
  • Camping Pod with double bed
  • Roof covered with Premium Bitumen Shingles
  • Premium Quality Nordic Pine
  • Secure Lock Danish style Double Door, door size 1010x1820mm
  • 28mm Tongue & Groove Floor with insulation
  • Terrace made from 28mm impregnated decking boards.
  • Terrace length: 1m
  • Custom Pods available on request.
  • Eurodita can supply pod with the complete electrical installation.
  • Pods can be supplied painted.
  • The pod can be delivered fully assembled or in Flat packs.
  • Assembled pod size: 2.4mx6.6mx2.6m
  • Flatly packed pod size: 1.2mx6.6mx1.2m
  • Pod weight 2700Kg.
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