Camping Pod [3.0×5.9m]

Eurodita is emerging as the industry leader for camping accommodation units. The timber glamping home manufacturer works with global dealers with a dense dealership network in Europe and North America


Eurodita Standard Camping Pod is primarily bought as a camping accommodation option. Usually seen at professionally managed outdoor recreational sites, the timber glamping home is often purchased by individual users who need a tight, outdoor-ready cabin space to be used as a shed, warehouse, gym, or a recreational room. This log camping house is emerging as the preferred product among log cabin home resellers who often promote it as a green living pod, eco-capsule, timber shelter, or sustainable out-home with portability and ease of customisation.


  • Smartly Designed: Use of genuine Pinewood makes the glamping cabin ultra-strong. Double-glazing windows and doors help to keep the occupants warm. High on energy savings, it ensures there is enough space to stock camping supplies. The modular pod home is being referred to as an eco-hotel on-the-move without the costs or management issues of a typical wooden camping house.
  • Eco-friendly Pods: Eurodita modular camping pod is made of the most beautiful quality wood which contributes to safety matters. Unlike plastic, this material can last for many years with no risk of being cracked. It has been sourced sensibly, ensuring its impact on the environment is restricted to the bare minimum—a big reason why our dealers are selling these units as green camping pods across America and Australia!
  • Easy-to-Market: One reason this glamping cabin is so popular among log cabin private label resellers is the richness of features. Our clients continue to market this modular cabin pod as a handy out-home, annexing unit, tiny temporary home, luxury pod, adventure lifestyle camping unit, eco-friendly log pods, etc.

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Technical specification:

·       Dimensions: 3.0×5.9m

·       Timber: Pinewood Height: 2.6 m

·       Wall thickness: 46 mm

·       Floor thickness: 28 mm

·       Roof finishing: Finnish bitumen shingles

·       Window size: 700 x 900 mm

·       Door size: 1030 x 1900 mm

The standard set includes:

·       Pod walls covered with the shingles in the colour of your choice – Black, Red, Green or Grey

·       Floor from 28 mm pinewood boards

· one double glazed opening window in the back wall

·       French style double glazed door with the lock and standard handle in the front

·       Terrace of chosen length from impregnated decking 28 mm boards

·       Inside WC and shower room: walls and the door

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