Camping Pod [3.0×4.8m]

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Eurodita Standard Camping Pod is a favourite among camping cabin sellers, as it creates a natural, residential-quality log pod that borrows the best features from luxury tents, tepees, and trailers, blending it all into a compact, portable form. The personalised log pod is being increasingly seen in remote and offbeat locations, including Lakeside, beachside, seaside, countryside, and remote locations—the big reason it is liked by lodge providers serving vacationers and holidaying crowds! The camping barrel is equipped with French style locking system, shower room, and bitumen shingles roofing—easy to market features for our dealers who often promote these as pod homes with high movability, adaptability, and affordability. If glamping is about creating unique accommodation experiences, this is perhaps the best nature pod to impress!


  • Aesthetic Appeal: This personalised log pod is covered with colourful bitumen shingles roofing which enhances the look and provides additional strength to the structure to withstand heavy rains and storms. It has all the elements of luxury camping units without being heavy or awkward to manoeuvre
  • French Locking: Cabin home resellers assure that occupants will get a safe abode with the three-point locking mechanism. The French-style door locking system helps to stay secured and well-stocked in the remotest locations. This is the best pod for log home solutions providers who are selling the concept of unique vacationing homes.
  • Impregnated Boards: The prefabricated glamping unit has bitumen roofing covered with impregnated decking boards to provide additional strength. The hardwood surfaces require no maintenance except regular cleaning. These are more than portable shelters. These log pods are about eco-living, with home-like facilities, in the most daring camping zones.


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Technical specification:

  • Dimensions: 3.0 m x 4.8 m
  • Timber: Pinewood
  • Height: 2.6 m
  • Wall thickness: 46 mm
  • Floor thickness: 28 mm
  • Roof finishing: Finnish bitumen shingles
  • Window size: 700 x 900 mm
  • Door size: 1030 x 1900 mm

The standard set includes:

  • Pod walls covered with the shingles in the colour of your choice – Black, Red, Green or Grey
  • The floor from 28 mm pinewood boards
  • One double glazed opening window in the back wall
  • French style double glazed door with the lock and standard handle in the front
  • Terrace of chosen length from impregnated decking 28 mm boards
  • Inside WC and shower room: walls and the door
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