Insulated Camping Pod with Side Wall Entrance Door 2.4×6.6m

A timber camping pod offers an entirely new dimension of camping and opens it up to a whole new demographic. Our insulated Glamping Pod provides the perfect couple’s getaway with enough space for a double bed, a seating area and kitchen, and spacious washroom. The wall construction features stone wool insulation and a windproof cover to keep your campers warm and dry so they can concentrate on creating unforgettable memories. The side wall entrance door with window panels adds an aesthetic touch and allows natural light to fill the space. The standard configuration features double glazed windows, a double door and a roof covering. Pine exterior and interior panelling and flooring complement the solid construction to create an overall feeling of rustic comfort. 

  • The pod measures 2.4×6.6m
  • The pod height of 2.6m.
  • Roof covered with Premium Bitumen Shingles
  • Premium Quality Nordic Spruce
  • Opening Windows on Back walls
  • Secure Lock Double Door
  • 28mm Tongue & Groove Floor
Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee

Eurodita Camping Pods: The Leader a Smart Dealer Deserves

These camping pods can be marketed as cozy mini-hotels for campers. The self-contained buildings are produced from high-quality Nordic spruce. The buildings are rot-proof and thermo-proof: waterproof and weather-resistant. That is why you can trust Eurodita’s camping pods to serve long-term.

They have double-lock doors to maximize security. Sauna pods, fully insulated pods, and pods with internal furniture are also available.

Key difference: While most competitors are using thinner wood (28 or 35), we use a thicker, stronger and more durable option (46 mm)