Eurodita Log Cabin Euro 45/1

Eurodita Log Cabin Euro 45/1
Superior quality Log Cabin
Premium class Nordic timber
No Finger Joint used
Log Cabin Size 4000x5000mm
Log Cabin Wall Thickness 45mm
Available also in 28mm;58mm;68mm
Available in Twin Skin 34+34mm; 44+44mm; 68+68mm
28mm tongue and groove Floor Boards
19mm tongue and groove Roof Boards
Log cabin Euro 45/1 ridge height 2690mm
Side wall height 2070mm
Georgian style single glassed window
Georgian style single glassed door
Double glass windows available in option
Double glass doors available in option

Wish to get other size or shape? Contact our designers and us will make Your dream cabin!


Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee