Log Cabin Euro 45/9

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As more people spend time outdoors, there has been an increasing demand for a garden cabin. Property developers, thus, seek for options from the cabin retailers that can serve the purpose of a wooden summerhouse, entertainment room, and more. The latter recommend Timber Shed 45/9 Euro. Just arrange some wooden garden benches around our garden shed, prep the area a bit with planters and seasonal foliage, and you have the perfect green space to relax! This readymade log shed has been used as a personal study room, for outdoor fun with the kids, and as a space to expand your hobby footprints.


  • Quality Construction: The timber shed by Eurodita is free from any manufacturing defects. The shed is made using the most muscular timber in the industry. Meeting the FSC standards, the garden cabin does not use any finger joints or chemicals or any other object that can result in choking.
  • Moisture Resistance: The Nordic timber shed is an excellent choice for homes in areas beset with problems like humid conditions and high moisture seepage from the soil or adjoining buildings. The shed has a natural ability to resist moisture and prevent issues like warping.
  • Private-Label Cabin: The ‘private label’ way of doing business is based on mutual trust. Eurodita never discloses the partnership agreements to third parties, making sure you grow your brand on your terms.

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Technical Specifications:

  • Superior quality Log Cabin
  • Premium class Nordic timber
  • No Finger Joint used
  • Log Cabin Size 3800x3800mm
  • Log Cabin Wall Thickness 45mm
  • Available also in 28mm;58mm;68mm
  • Available in Twin Skin 34+34mm; 44+44mm; 68+68mm
  • 28mm tongue and groove Floor Boards
  • 19mm tongue and groove Roof Boards
  • Log cabin Euro 45/9 ridge height 2580mm
  • Sidewall height 2070mm
  • Georgian style single glassed window
  • Georgian style single glassed door
  • Double glass windows available in option
  • Double glass doors available in option
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