Log Cabin Euro 45/24

As a worldwide trusted developer of log structures, Eurodita has created wooden buildings like garden shed house that are easy to market for their functionality, insulated walls & unique architecture.


Eurodita Log Cabin Euro 45/24 has imprinted a special place for itself among garden shed solution providers, as they are easy to place in the backyard or a corner in the garden. This portable backyard shed consumes less space due to its intelligent, space-saving floor design. This garden shed house is often spotted at camping grounds, recreational sports facilities, and used as a summer house and granny annexes too. Property developers have experienced excellent success in selling this timber log home to real estate sellers managing outdoor and adventurous complexes that need boosting indoor, storehouse or warehousing space.


  • Efficient Construction: This outdoor pavilion has impressive eco-friendly performance. The energy savings make these timber structures the best solution for log cabin home sellers trying to compete in the green buildings’ marketplace
  • Multiple Uses: Eurodita garden sheds have been trending as greenhouse sheds, budgeted sheds, family sheds, garage sheds, backcountry sheds, and outdoor living sheds. This underlines the all-weather performance and the ability to outplay any challenge emanating from heavy-duty usage.
  • Assured Security: Property managers use this easy-to-install log structure for preventing trespassing. For transgressors, the presence of a small home in the backyard or along the outer perimeter of the property indicates that this property is under supervision


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Technical Specifications:          

  • Superior quality Log Cabin
  • Premium class Nordic timber
  • No Finger Joint used
  • Log Cabin Size: 4500x4500mm+2000mm terrace
  • Log Cabin Wall Thickness: 45mm
  • Available also in 28mm;58mm;68mm
  • Available in Twin Skin 34+34mm; 44+44mm; 68+68mm
  • 28mm tongue and groove Floor Boards
  • 19mm tongue and groove Roof Boards
  • Log cabin Euro 45/24 ridge height: 3200mm
  • Side Wall Height: 2070mm
  • Georgian style single glassed window
  • Georgian style single glassed door
  • Double glass windows available in option
  • Double glass doors available in option
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