Log Cabin Euro 45/16

Eurodita’s supply chain is now an emerging industry standard! It is changing how dealers approach wholesalers for bulk log cabin orders or when buying wooden structures like Carports, Camping Pods, Mobile Homes & Sauna Pods.


Eurodita Garden Shed Home Euro has been a game-changer since the first week of its launch! Some dealers have been able to sell these Garden Sheds as tiny utility homes. This is because of the versatile range of uses that now includes using the area for storing vintage or antique items, prepping it for a showcase of hard-earned collections, or daytime activities like playful, after-school hours. Invariably, this means Eurodita Garden Sheds are eco-friendly, pet-safe, family-compatible, and great for kids!


  • Garden Building: The garden shed features Georgian architecture. Expect a wooden structure made using interlocking building process with thick insulated walls, tongue and groove boards, and double glazed windows and doors.
  • Versatile Use: Not just privately-owned properties, Eurodita Siberian spruce shed has made it to premises owned by the public sector. Many dealers working with state or federal organisations have been able to get bulk orders. Our confidentiality agreement ensures that we remain the supply partner only, never disclosing the supply chain dynamics
  • Expert Craftsmen: Expert artisans build the wooden shed. The designing team stays ahead of the curve, ensuring Eurodita log home units are future-ready, never running into making compliance issues or outdoor performance-related challenges.


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Technical Specifications:

  • No Finger Joint used
  • Log cabin Size 5000x4500mm+1500mm terrace
  • Log cabin Wall Thickness 45mm
  • Available also in 28mm;58mm;68mm
  • Available in Twin Skin 34+34mm; 44+44mm; 68+68mm
  • 28mm tongue and groove Floor Boards
  • 19mm tongue and groove Roof Boards
  • Log cabin Euro 45/16 ridge height 2690mm
  • Sidewall height 2070mm
  • Georgian style single glassed window
  • Georgian style single glassed door
  • Double glass windows available in option
  • Double glass doors available in option
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