Eurodita Log Cabin Euro 45/11

    • Eurodita Log Cabin Euro 45/11
    • Superior quality Log Cabin
    • Premium class Nordic timber
    • No Finger Joint used
    • Log Cabin Size 5000x3800mm
    • Log Cabin Wall Thickness 45mm
    • Available also in 28mm;58mm;68mm
    • Available in Twin Skin 34+34mm; 44+44mm; 68+68mm
    • 28mm tongue and groove Floor Boards
    • 19mm tongue and groove Roof Boards
    • Log cabin Euro 45/11 ridge height 2690mm
    • Side wall height 2070mm
    • Georgian style single glassed window
    • Georgian style single glassed door
    • Double glass windows available in option
    • Double glass doors available in option

Wish to get other size or shape? Contact our designers and us will make Your dream cabin!


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We all know – price and quality very often go together. You pick out something you really like and the price point makes you turn around and think of all the lottery tickets you could‘ve bought. Or something looks so cheap, you start wondering – what‘s wrong with it? A low price tag often makes people think, that there‘s something wrong. Is there really?

You wouldn‘t want to have a low-quality log cabin. Cheap log cabins surely don‘t feel confident. „It‘s a house. It‘s cheap! I‘m inside of it!“ You can surely live when a toy car breaks but same can‘t be said about such a big construction. So what are the differences between log cabins? Are cheap log cabins as good as the expensive ones, or should you invest heavily, just in case? In our European cabins direct store, you will find some good options.

The biggest amount of money invested by the companies is in the materials and systems used. Some cheap log cabins might be using low-quality timber or simple nails to get things done. Not here. Every one of the “Eurodita” log cabins here is made out of the highest quality Siberian timber and the nail-less joints make a great combination which will assure that the building will stay strong no matter the conditions, cheap log cabins can also be good.