Log Cabin Euro 28/2

Eurodita is one of Europe’s most aggressively expanding manufacturer-supplier of durable log structures, directly supplying to B2B businesses like glamping retailers, wooden furniture sellers, and outbuilding construction companies


Property landscaping artists often want outdoor buildings that are not connected to the primary residence but still provide the residential-quality living. Commercial complexes have extensive warehousing needs where an outhouse is often needed in quick time, without the scope to invest in conventional groundwork or architectural designing. This is when our log home dealers recommend the Euro Log Cabins that double us as outbuilding sheds or small building structures at camping grounds or RV resorts. This outdoor shed by Eurodita is often advertised for its thick walls and sturdy construction. The garden shed house proves to be a significant investment when it comes to its versatility of usage and long-term lifespan. It can be used as an extra guest room, outdoor kitchen space, or a gardening den. The outdoor shed features 28 mm thick walls for maximum durability and weather-proofing.


  • Playhouse Alternative: Our dealers have been able to sell this garden house as a more natural solution to typical play palaces or conventional play dens for children that are often expensive and hard to ship. These easy to install out-home structures can safely host children and pets.
  • Backyard Shed: The outdoor shed allows us to keep both gardening equipment, home maintenance tools and appliances. It can be used to warehouse unused furniture items. The backyard shed home is the perfect extension of a house, ready to double-up as food preparation, dining or guest hosting area
  • Private Label Kits: What makes this outdoor shed popular among most retailers is the fact that it is sold without the manufacturer’s label. The wooden shed can be marketed as the property of the dealer with Eurodita being the trusted, silent partner.


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Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 3000x3800mm
  • Wall Thickness: 28mm
  • Available also in 45mm;58mm;68mm
  • 28mm tongue and groove Floor Boards
  • 19mm tongue and groove Roof Boards
  • Log cabin Euro 28/2 ridge height 2470mm
  • Sidewall height 1870mm
  • Georgian style single glassed window
  • Georgian style single glassed door
  • Double glass windows available
  • Double glass doors available
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