Eurodita Log Cabin Euro 28/2

  • Eurodita Log Cabin Euro 28/2
  • Superior quality Log Cabin
  • Premium class Nordic timber
  • No Finger Joint used
  • Log Cabin Size 3000x3800mm
  • Log Cabin Wall Thickness 28mm
  • Available also in 45mm;58mm;68mm
  • 28mm tongue and groove Floor Boards
  • 19mm tongue and groove Roof Boards
  • Log cabin Euro 28/2 ridge height 2470mm
  • Side wall height 1870mm
  • Georgian style single glassed window
  • Georgian style single glassed door
  • Double glass windows available
  • Double glass doors available

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This is an entry-level log cabin ready to be a great upgrade for any garden around. 28-millimetre thick timber of Siberian spruce ha measuring of 9.72 square meters. This has just as much space as a small to medium room, and just like any proper room, it has a high-quality door and a window as well. The build quality is as good as the one you will see in premium log sheds and this log cabin is easy to build as well. Measuring 2 meters 47 centimetres in the highest spot, this log house will be easily accessible for even the highest of people and its great quality and great materials will keep this log cabin as reliable as it can ever get.

To receive more information about this particular product or just to know some more about our garden sheds and other timber products, be sure to contact Eurodita Cabins Direct. We have over twenty years of experience and we are rs been used to build the walls of this log cabin, who has an inside ready to help you.